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Comfort Food

Comfort food takes many different forms no doubt.. Been working hard and wanted something nourishing and my choice was lamb meatballs. Made them with garlic, scallion, dill and black olives. Simmered them in crushed tomatoes, served on a bed of pasta and arugula. Fantastic! Everything I hoped for. What is you version of a feel good recharge meal?

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  1. A sausage/potato pie I make with lots of onions and cheese. It's my go-to comfort food.

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    1. A burrito with steak, beans, bacon, cheese, guacamole covered in a red sauce. Ummmmmmmmm

      1. Anything with cheese, mac and cheese, enchiladas, quiche, cheese pies, cheese stuffed anything, fondue, cheesecake, even cheese and crackers.

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        1. beans and rice always does it for me!

          1. Does comfort food recharge? My comfort foods of chicken fried steak, rice and beans, fried rice, pork pie and dressing all seem to "letharge."

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              Have to agree with you, and you have great choice in comfort food!

              I also enjoy meatloaf or a pot roast and mashed potatoes once in a blue moon.

            2. i agree with Jung...
              i dont know about comfort and "recharge" being the same...
              comfort food is usually things that either have good memories or experiences related to them...
              like on a snowy day after shoveling the driveway or out sledding...a nice hot gooey/melty grilled cheese and bowl of tomato soup...
              or grilling hot dogs and hamburgers on memorial day or the fourth...
              mac and cheese...
              moms meatloaf...
              thanksgiving dinner..and the turkey sandwich with leftovers the next couple of days...
              when i think comfort food i think of Ego in the scene from ratatouille...

              "recharge" on the other hand...thats more a good lunch in the middle of doing good hard work that isnt going to weigh u down..and will let u finish what u are working at..
              that doesnt mean they might not overlap some tho....

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                To me comfort food is a hearty dinner and fall asleep on the couch.

              2. A big bowl of any of the following (ever notice that comfort food often comes in a bowl?)

                - My mom's bacon fried rice
                - Hazan's ragu bolognese over fusilli
                - Carnitas, pickled onions and rice
                - Mac and cheese (lots of aged cheddar and a bit of blue for bite)
                - Mujadarra
                - a really kick-ass burger -- freshly ground chuck, seasoned with salt and pepper, lightly packed and cooked in a scalding hot cast iron pan (ok, so this one doesn't come in a bowl)

                And any of the above with a big side of roasted Brussels sprouts. Yes, I know it's a veggie that most people hate, but I adore them roasted and eat them like candy. I think that the slight bitter edge makes a good foil for the richness of most of my comfort foods.

                1. Pizza is always my comfort food. With plenty of spicy italian sausage, and some green peppers, fresh mushrooms and onions. I prefer to make my own because when I feel that I need comfort, the last thing I want is something that was not made exactly the way I want it. I will order it out if one specific guy is working at the pizza joint a few blocks from me, he's very sweet and makes excellent pies. But is about 70 and only works part time.
                  For quick recharges, it's always a handful of lightly salted mixed nuts. Works for me every time.

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                    Good pizza is always comfort food. Mac and cheese is my wife's comfort food of choice, obviously other people agree with her. Fried chicken is also a winner, I like it a bit crunchy with hot sauce.

                  2. mac and cheese, baked potato with cheese, sour cream, bacon, butter, and green onion. enchiladas, chips and hot sauce. bread and cheese.