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May 4, 2011 06:31 PM

Comfort Food

Comfort food takes many different forms no doubt.. Been working hard and wanted something nourishing and my choice was lamb meatballs. Made them with garlic, scallion, dill and black olives. Simmered them in crushed tomatoes, served on a bed of pasta and arugula. Fantastic! Everything I hoped for. What is you version of a feel good recharge meal?

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  1. A sausage/potato pie I make with lots of onions and cheese. It's my go-to comfort food.

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    1. A burrito with steak, beans, bacon, cheese, guacamole covered in a red sauce. Ummmmmmmmm

      1. Anything with cheese, mac and cheese, enchiladas, quiche, cheese pies, cheese stuffed anything, fondue, cheesecake, even cheese and crackers.

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        1. beans and rice always does it for me!

          1. Does comfort food recharge? My comfort foods of chicken fried steak, rice and beans, fried rice, pork pie and dressing all seem to "letharge."

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              Have to agree with you, and you have great choice in comfort food!

              I also enjoy meatloaf or a pot roast and mashed potatoes once in a blue moon.