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May 4, 2011 02:19 PM

BEST SOUTH INDIAN (kinda far,SO worth it )

If you adore south Indian cuisine (my favorite food) take a little drive to Trooper,( 5 minutes
outside of Norristown) and get DELICIOUS dosas, (several authentic types,no fusion, no mozzraella,peanut butter or arugula dosa here thank the Gods) and all other manner of south Indian dishes. Many different chats, FANTASTIC breads, uthappam, you name it. They also have several biryanis and rice dishes, weekend specials ,delicious chutneys and sambar. All made to order ,fresh, fresh fresh !

Here is the websight: which is a little fancified, the place is so down home, cheap and DELICIOUS. Some Indian friends turned me on, I will love them forever ! Many Indian folks eat here, no wonder !!!!!!!

I love that the web sight warns you in such lovely flowery language: "If you are a neophyte to Indian cuisine, or particularly delicate of disposition, my advice would be to stipulate "mild" in no uncertain terms. This will give you the full benefits of the kitchen's incomparable seasonings, provide just a tantalizing touch of heat, and significantly reduce the danger of any possible peristaltic reprisals." Pretty great menu prose !

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  1. Been twice. Not likely thrice.
    I like spice but the food was a bit on the "yeeeouch!" end of the Scoville spectrum. Also very dry.
    Service was inattentive and my entree a long wait. I desperately needed water while waiter chatted at length with a table of his fellow ex-pats and ignored me. I felt like I was invading a private party. Also,the intense track lighting aimed directly into diners' faces was annoying enough to have me change seats.
    But, I'm glad you enjoyed.

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      Sorry you didn't have a good experience at the Dosa Hut. If you specify that you want less spicy
      food, they will happily comply. This place is not the Ritz to be sure, the ambience is definitly low key .That said, there is no excuse for dry food. I have always had fine service. I only order the basic south Indian street food options (dosas, uthappam, several chats, breads) and find these dishes as close to food I ate and adored in India as any you can get in the US. For me, this place is a gem !