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May 4, 2011 02:18 PM

Blue Duck - stikl good?


Planning an anniversary dinner for next week. How has Blue Duck been as of late? Are there other spots in DC that are in the same vein and better these days?

Do they allow corkage too? I'm from out of town so not sure on the local rules.

Thanks everyone,

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    1. What type of food are you looking for?

      1. There are other spots that are in the same vein (assuming you meant the same kind of cuisine and atmosphere) and better. Birch and Barley. Corduroy. Ris. Againn. I'd say Cashion's and 701 are about even with Blue Duck. Also, I haven't been, but maybe Equinox too.

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          I was thinking Againn too, if you are looking for the rustic meatyness. If you were looking at it from a seafood perspective I would then say Corduroy or Blacksalt.

          If you wanted to be in that area of the city, perhaps Firefly or Equinox.

          I would also consider New Heights or Eola.

          Although I like Blue Duck, but I think you have to order the right things: Bone Marrow, Pork Terrine, duck, braised beef and I would think they would have good crabcakes.

          New Heights Restaurant
          2317 Calvert St. NW, Washington, DC 20008

        2. My wife and I went in December and we really liked it. We did get the Bone Marrow and I got braised beef ribs so if ktmoomau is correct I ordered well by luck, I guess. I don't recall what my wife got or dessert but everything was very good.

          No idea about corkage, you would have to call them.

          1. Was there in mid-January for a Sunday brunch, and it was terrific. The food and the service both
            were excellent. I was with 4 other people and it was so comfortable we stayed for several hours. Haven't been for a dinner, but will definitely give it a try soon.