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May 4, 2011 02:03 PM

Where to buy truffles in Europe

i should have researched this earlier but I was wondering if anyone knows where one can buy truffles directly in Europe. We are in Aix en Provence for two nights then Venice for 5, bologna and Ravenna and then Rome. Is there a place in any of these regions where we can buy directly from the seller as opposed to a dealer or middleman?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Did you ever find out where to get truffles? I am also going to Venice and Rome and want to but some desperately! Thanks!

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        We ended up getting some truffle "paste" in tiny jars in Bologna at an open market. Unfortunately, it's not the season for them. There also was dried truffles but nothing fresh. It was pretty tasty and not too expensive. They were in season in Paris/ France last October. Porcini mushrooms were in season when we were in Rome in early May. We had a bunch of them one day at some tiny restaurant in Rome (Trastavere). The Jewish ghetto in Rome also had some amazing food.

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          black truffles (T. melanosporum) in France are harvested in December -- the truffle markets of SW France are held in January.

          Other species ripen at different times.

      2. Head to an open-air market -- but most truffles are only in season in the dead of winter.