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May 4, 2011 01:43 PM

Bar / Sandwich Shop in Barcelona with no Name?

When I was in Barcelona 5-6 years ago I stumbled across the best sandwich I've ever had in my life at some hole in the wall place, that I believe, had no name on the building.

I remember it being on a quiet side street within walking distance of the large marina, but am not certain about this location. I noticed a large crowd of people gathering outside before it opened around 10:30 AM so I walked over to check it out.

When the doors did open, there was a mad rush to get in and order from the bartenders who would mark your order down in front of you on a paper scroll that ran the length of the bar.

It was a madhouse inside, partly because I think they were giving out free glasses of sparkling wine with your order (although I did not realize this at the time). Anyway, everything was in Spanish and I was the only person there who didn't speak it, so I just pointed to what I wanted, which turned out to be the best sandwich I've ever had to this day - Spanish ham and raw sheep's milk soft cheese on the most mouth watering of breads.

For the love of G-d, does anyone out there think they might know the place I am describing?

Thank you very much.

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  1. Was it this place?

    Can Paixano a.k.a. La Xampaneria

      1. Really sounds like Can Paixano. This article mentions the sparkling wine and bocadillos.

        1. Thank you for the quick responses. Both of these places look amazing, especially Can Paixano, but neither is the place I went to.

          I distinctly remember the paper scroll running along the wooden bar where they would keep track of your various orders and then tear the sheet away once a new customer sat down.

          In any regard, I am going to tell my friend travelling to Barcelona about this Can Paixano place. It looks like very similar fair to the place I am thinking of, perhaps even better.

          Thanks again.

          1. I take it back, I was just able to look at some photos of the street and the outside of the bar and Can Paixano is the place I am thinking of! I didn't think I'd ever be able to find it again. What a thing this internet is.

            I guess the bar with paper scroll is a different memory that got mixed up with this one somehow, funny how that happens.

            Anyway, thanks again!

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