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Bar / Sandwich Shop in Barcelona with no Name?

Joebada May 4, 2011 01:43 PM

When I was in Barcelona 5-6 years ago I stumbled across the best sandwich I've ever had in my life at some hole in the wall place, that I believe, had no name on the building.

I remember it being on a quiet side street within walking distance of the large marina, but am not certain about this location. I noticed a large crowd of people gathering outside before it opened around 10:30 AM so I walked over to check it out.

When the doors did open, there was a mad rush to get in and order from the bartenders who would mark your order down in front of you on a paper scroll that ran the length of the bar.

It was a madhouse inside, partly because I think they were giving out free glasses of sparkling wine with your order (although I did not realize this at the time). Anyway, everything was in Spanish and I was the only person there who didn't speak it, so I just pointed to what I wanted, which turned out to be the best sandwich I've ever had to this day - Spanish ham and raw sheep's milk soft cheese on the most mouth watering of breads.

For the love of G-d, does anyone out there think they might know the place I am describing?

Thank you very much.

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  1. SnackHappy RE: Joebada May 4, 2011 02:01 PM

    Was it this place?


    Can Paixano a.k.a. La Xampaneria

    1. Parigi RE: Joebada May 4, 2011 02:53 PM

      Could it be Bar Jaica? See this thread

      1. a
        Aleta RE: Joebada May 4, 2011 04:44 PM

        Really sounds like Can Paixano. This article mentions the sparkling wine and bocadillos.

        1. j
          Joebada RE: Joebada May 5, 2011 01:12 PM

          Thank you for the quick responses. Both of these places look amazing, especially Can Paixano, but neither is the place I went to.

          I distinctly remember the paper scroll running along the wooden bar where they would keep track of your various orders and then tear the sheet away once a new customer sat down.

          In any regard, I am going to tell my friend travelling to Barcelona about this Can Paixano place. It looks like very similar fair to the place I am thinking of, perhaps even better.

          Thanks again.

          1. j
            Joebada RE: Joebada May 5, 2011 01:21 PM

            I take it back, I was just able to look at some photos of the street and the outside of the bar and Can Paixano is the place I am thinking of! I didn't think I'd ever be able to find it again. What a thing this internet is.

            I guess the bar with paper scroll is a different memory that got mixed up with this one somehow, funny how that happens.

            Anyway, thanks again!

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            1. re: Joebada
              Parigi RE: Joebada May 5, 2011 02:18 PM

              Could it be Fidel in Raval?

            2. s
              sheilah RE: Joebada May 5, 2011 03:07 PM

              My guess is that Bittman of nytimes.com labled this the best sandwich in the world. I don't remember the name and, particularly don't remember the sheep's cheese but Bittman wrote an article a number of years ago in nytimes.

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              1. re: sheilah
                SnackHappy RE: sheilah May 5, 2011 03:55 PM

                I'm pretty certain the OP is not talking about Cafe Viena - The place with the "best sandwich in the world".


                1. re: sheilah
                  butterfly RE: sheilah May 5, 2011 03:57 PM

                  That was Café Vienna... and Bittman just had a pretty ordinary (but no doubt incredibly delicious) jamón ibérico sandwich the likes of which you can find (or easily make yourself) all over Spain.

                  1. re: sheilah
                    Aleta RE: sheilah May 5, 2011 06:36 PM

                    Cafe Viena also opens MUCH earlier than 10:30 am and doesn't serve sparkling wine. It's a chain sandwich shop.

                    Joebada has already confirmed above that he thinks it was Can Paixano.

                    1. re: Aleta
                      Parigi RE: Aleta May 6, 2011 12:11 AM

                      And Café Viena does have a name and does not have a crowd outside waiting and has intensely average sandwiches. The NYT syndrome mean that a journalist is forbidden from saying he merely likes something but must say it is the best.

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