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May 4, 2011 01:18 PM

Montreal Dinners with Kids

I will be visiting Montreal for 5 days this coming weekend with my wife and 2 budding foodie kids. Price is not an issue but I am looking for 4 dinner recs that show off Montreal and have a bunch of fun as well. Any thoughts Montreal Chowhounders? We have one dinner booked at Martin Picard's place.

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  1. Do you like poutine? If so , La Banquise is very kid friendly and great choice of poutine. When it is nice out, there is a lovely terrasse in the back. Also, checking out the markets at Jean Talon or Atwater is a great kid friendly activity. You can walk and graze for lunch.

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    1. re: Kat

      That sounds fun. Are the markets open every day?
      We do like poutine but we haven't had "great" poutine...only the stuff they serve at fairs.

      1. re: Torontotonto

        Yes, the public markets are open every day.

        Hours & info here:

    2. I'd like to suggest you make an excursion to Chalet BBQ in NDG, at the corner of Sherbrooke W. and the Decarie Expressway. It's a Montreal institution - been around since the 1940s - with delicious rotisserie chicken, excellent fries, and lots of unique Montreal character. Very kid-friendly, too.

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      1. re: kpzoo

        That looks fun!. We will try for lunch.
        What is Chow Hounders opinion of L'Express Bistro?

        L'Express Restaurant
        3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

        1. re: Torontotonto

          I feel like going to L'Express is more like what you do to experience the city more than to enjoy extraordinary food. Not that the food isn't good--people love the steak frites--but I never found the food particularly exceptional. It's more that the place has a lot of heritage in the city, has a feel of a Parisian bistro, and it's conveniently open late for dinner and also has a fun breakfast/brunch.

          A visit to Montréal would not be complete without going to get poutine (see above post on La Banquise--go before midnight before the after-bar noshers line up outside the doors--getting smoked meat at Schwartz's (super casual, long lineups), and grabbing bagels from St. Viateur on your way home.

          Also worth going to are Québecois/French restos, such as Au Cinquième Péché, or Les Trois Petits Bouchons which is also a wine bar that serves natural wines.

          For a refined brunch, go to Le Cartet in the Old Port, for a casual and fun (and a bit loud) Québecois brunch go to L'Avenue in the Plateau, or for the trendiest go to Lawrence in the Mile End for lots of meat.

          Le Cartet
          106 Rue McGill, Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

          L'Express Restaurant
          3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

          1. re: Torontotonto

            L'Express is quite fun for breakfast, very Parisian, and the steak tartare, quail and ravioli are our favourites. There's nothing like it in Toronto so it is a good place to visit. Your kids will likely have poutine at APDC so I'd skip La Banquise unless the adults are into poutine as well.

            Current favourites with my kids: Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Chinatown with its all you can eat assortment of vegetables, noodles and deep-fried things; Cuisine Szechuan for hot and sour soup and dumplings; Qing Hua Dumplings for dumplings again; Kazu for ramen (and for the tuna and salmon bowl for me); Pho Tay Ho for Vietnamese bun cha (can only find a pale version in TO, have searched!); L'Anecdote for good burgers, Frite Alors for fries and mayonnaise. Also, it is worth doing a search on this board for the term "kids" and you'll get many more suggestions.

            L'Express Restaurant
            3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

            Little Sheep
            50 Rue De La Gauchetiere W, Montreal, QC H2Z1C1, CA

            1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

            1. re: Plateaumaman

              Thanks all. We have L'Express, Brasserie T and APDC booked. Need one more night and there are some great suggestions. I will report back.

              L'Express Restaurant
              3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

              1. re: Torontotonto

                brasserie T is good, if weather is warm choose a table on terrace. There are wide open spaces there for young children to run around and use up their energy. Whether the children are young or older they will enjoy the 21 balencoires(swings) which make music, but you need to go in back of place des arts (near T) to find them. They might also like to go to inside mall complexe desjardins across st. catherine st near T as have several places for ice cream, or sweet tooth treats on the lower level

                For breakfast (crepes etc) you might consider the hidden terrace in back Jardin Nelson on main square in old Montreal as there are usually some

                street artists and performers on square on weekends and further down along the waterfront so fun to walk around. There is a nice maple syrup store delices d erable not far from square with terrific desserts, cookies, sherberts and near basilica is cupcake shop les glaceurs

                1. re: wilmagrace

                  Jardin Nelson was a perfect suggestion Wilmagrace. Great crepes and smooth jazz...and sunshine!
                  Brasserie T unfortunately was a dissapointment. Tasty food...pretentious service.

              2. re: Plateaumaman

                L'Express bistro was great. Thanks for the suggestions chowhounders. Great service, lots of fun and good reasonably priced food. I would recommend this place again.

                L'Express Restaurant
                3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

                1. re: Torontotonto

                  Did Fereira Cafe last night. Wow,,,what a great place. Service was fun, decor was funky and warm and inviting, and the food was amazing. Our waiter made my 2 daughters feel like princesses. Truly memorable.
                  Little sheep tonight, great was so fun. Very tasty food and the kids loved it.
                  Thanks so much Chowhouders, you have made our visit to Montreal so special.
                  On to APDC tomorrow night......btw, why is there no Swartz or The Main equivalent in Toronto? 2 Kids, 2 Adults, Large Plate, F Fries, 4 Pickles = Heaven. Ha HA