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May 4, 2011 12:59 PM

Bouley Favorites?

What would you recommend having off of the lunch tasting at bouley? I am attaching the latest menu below so if you have been recently and have any recommendations please let me know!
I am looking at the ones that are starred but if i am missing something great let me know!
Lunch - Tasting Menu $55

Organic Local Green Asparagus with roasted pencil asparagus fresh garden herbs, basil dressing in a comte cloud
Salad Of Boston Bib red watercress, mache, fresh hawaiian hearts of palm, julienne of royal trumpet mushrooms
*Chatham Blue Fin Tuna marinated japanese turnip, spicy radish, yuzu-miso dressing*

Cape Cod Skate Steamed with toasted pinenut dressing, sunchoke puree, micro celery
Organic Scottish Salmon lightly cured, indian red river grapefruit, clementine & blood orange, parsnip puree, fresh almond broth
Garlic And Almond Soup parsley root and puree with shitake mushrooms
*Porcini Flan alaska live dungeness crab black truffle dash*

*Organic Long Island Duckling roasted with truffle honey, puree of nevada organic dates with turnips, julienne of local beets*
All-Natural Pennsylvania Chicken squash ravioli, vermont chanterelles, carrot & persimmon dressing
New Zealand White Fallow Venison with black truffle gnocchi, blue kale, brussels sprout leaves, pruneaux d'agen

Chilled Strawberry Soup with cherry tomato & strawberry granite, greek olive oil ice cream

*Chocolate Frivolous chocolate brulee, chocolate parfait, hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate walnut spice bread, white coffee ice cream, prune armagnac ice cream*
Hot Caramelized Anjou Pear valrhona chocolate, biscuit breton, hot toffee sauce, rosemary & tahitian vanilla ice cream
Selection Of French, Italian And Domestic Cheeses

Let me know what you think!

163 Duane St, New York, NY 10013

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  1. You've picked one of my favorite restaurants :-).

    My favorites of the menu that you've listed:

    Asparagus with comte cloud;
    Porcini flan;
    if you're not too full, I'd go with the Chocolate Frivolous, otherwise I'd go with the Pear.

    Have a fantastic time!

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    1. re: ellenost

      2nd all of ellenost's recommendations. The tuna appetizer is also very good.

      Is Bouley now charging $55 for the lunch tasting menu? I thought the price was $45?

      1. re: peter j

        If they've increased to $55, this would be their second price increase in a few months. I always thought that their original $36 and the most recent $45 was a terrific bargain. $55 isn't too high, but it's not the bargain that it used to be.

          1. re: ellenost

            I just received an email from Bouley (announcing the refurbishment of their downstairs private dining room--it looks beautiful from the photo--they're calling it the "Red Room"). The email also mentions that the lunch tasting menu is now 6 courses (I believe it used to be 5 courses) for $55, and the 7 course dinner tasting menu is still $125. If Bouley has added an extra course to the lunch tasting menu, and only added $10, the lunch at Bouley is still a bargain (so is the dinner). I'm returning to Bouley on Sunday, and asked to be seated downstairs--didn't know about the refurbishment. I eagerly look forward to my return to Bouley.

          2. re: peter j

            I third these choices. The asparagus dish is sublime. But of all the choices Do.Not.Miss. the flan!

        1. Definitely definitely the flan as everyone else has suggested. It is seriously divine. I had the duck and it was also amazing....

          The menu seems to have changed a little

          1. In that list the Flan is a can't miss. I also have had the asparagus in comte cloud (very good), the blue fin tuna (also very good), the scottish salmon (not bad but I would take the flan which is absolutely killer), the long island duck (interesting but I would take the venison). For dessert I have onlyy ever had the chocolate frivolous.

            If possible I would also supplement with the farm egg and/or the uni gelee. They may even comp it if you are lucky as they did for me.

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            1. re: nextguy

              I agree with you that both the farm egg and the uni gelee are terrific!

            2. We just returned from a WONDERFUL lunch at Bouley yesterday, and all I can say is that for what they are charging, what they are putting out is amazing.

              The menu has changed significantly from what is here*, with some of the ame dishes, but probaly about half of them are new. All were very good to excellent.

              Will write up a full review soon, but it was a wonderful experience.

              Thanks for all of your help and recommendations in making this a success!

              (*the tasting menu is now $55, but there was not an extra course added on.)

              1. Just had another fantastic Mother's Day celebration at Bouley. We dined downstairs in the newly refurbished Red Room--it's gorgeous! Service, as always, was perfect. George has taken great care of us for more than 12 years. We always request to dine with George. We requested a late lunch reservation (2:45), and finished lunch at 5:30. Our table was ready for us when we arrived. Chef Bouley has made many revisions to the menu, but has kept many of my favorites.

                We started the celebration with a gift from Chef Bouley: the exquisite sea urchin terrine for my sister and me, and a lovely oyster preparation for our mom.

                For our first course, we all selected the Organic Connecticut Farm Egg with Comte Foam, Steamed Polenta and Artichoke. This dish is a dream especially since I'm not a fan of either polenta or artichoke. When I mixed the soft cooked egg with all of its components, it becomes one of my most favorite dishes anywhere..

                Mom and I ordered the Chatham Day Boat Lobster Grilled over Japanese Charcoal, Fresh Tahiitain Vanilla and Passion Fruit Dressing. The portion of lobster was huge (the size of main course dishes at many other fine restaurants). The aroma of vanilla hits first, and the dish is lovely. The lobster was perfectly cooked. My sister chose the Wild Alaskan Salmon glazed with Hibiscus, Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Hass Avocado, Golden Apple, Horseradish and Salmon Trout Roe--she loved it.

                Our next course was a supplement to the menu--seared foie gras with a citrus sauce. We each received the largest pieces of the most perfectly prepared foie. Needless to say, this could have been our main course.

                Our proper main course was a long-time favorite: Long Island Duck Roasted with White Truffle Honey, Hudson Valley Rhubarb, Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Spring Turnip and Date Puree. Bouley's duck is our favorite duck preparation, and we try to never miss it. Side dish of the famous and delicious pommes puree.

                Our first dessert was new for us: Melon soup with Ricotta Sorbet--perfect and refreshing.

                Our second dessert was also new for us: Meyer Lemon Tart, Ten Exotic Fruits and Amaretto Ice Cream. This dessert was perfect for us: light, refreshing and delicious!

                I had heard George mention to another table that the Hot Valrona Chocolate Souffle was recently revised, and I mentioned that I'd have to try it on my next visit. Well, George always making sure that we're happy, brought us one to share with the Meyer Lemon Tart. The Chocolate souffle was wonderful and now has a delightful white coffee cloud that makes the dish. It is accompanied by chocolate sorbet.

                My mom was so happy, and we promised her that we'll return to Bouley very soon!

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                1. re: ellenost

                  This sounds wonderful! Because I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the new lunch menu/options and the website isn't being helpful, it's now a 5 course for $55?

                  Is the uni terrine an option on the 5 course?

                  It looks like in addition to the 5 courses you got 2 extras (uni terrine + foie) also is the souffle an option for dessert?

                  Thanks for your help, I'm looking to planning a great lunch like this too, but would love to know what options are available.

                  1. re: howo5

                    The lunch menu that I had was a special Mother's Day lunch. Only the uni terrine was a gift. We paid extra for the foie gras. Since Chef Bouley has made recent changes to the menu, you should call the restaurant directly to discuss the current lunch menu, and request any special dishes. I hope you have a great time!

                  2. re: ellenost

                    Ellenost, I thought Maitre D George left Bouley and is at Marea? Is your George a waiter or has the very same George returned?

                    240 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

                    1. re: chalz

                      I'm not certain as to what position George has at Bouley-maybe manager? George had left Bouley for a while-do not know where he went. He did return last year-we first saw him again last Mother's Day. All I do know is that he is wonderful, and I hope that Bouley management takes very good care of him because he is a tremendous asset to the restaurant.