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May 4, 2011 12:42 PM

Lunch near Sherbrooke and University

I am taking a client to lunch around there next week.

What is a good place to go. In the past I have taken them to the Parchemin but I understand it is closed now.


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  1. Everyone will probably say McCord Cafe. With good reason though. Great QPR. Atti (Korean) is also passable but it's no better than average. If you don't care about being in a sit down place, I would say Akli under the Scotia bank building.

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    1. re: The Chemist

      I can confirm that Atti looks nice, but the food was just okay.

      Have you looked at Restaurant Le Caveau, around the corner from the McCord museum? It offers traditional French cuisine.

      Restaurant Le Caveau
      2063 Rue Victoria, Montreal, QC H3A2A3, CA

      1. re: The Chemist

        Could you give me an idea of the prices and type of food at McCord? I found their site and there's no menu listed (nor hours, but I could call them for that). Thanks.

      2. Lola Rosa on Milton between Lorne and Aylmer is an excellent place for lunch. I would suggest reservations if pressed for time. It is vegetarian but even though I am not a vegetarian it is where I would go for lunch in that area. Great atmosphere wonderful food but they will never be able to serve the number of people they attract with the speed one gets in fast food restaurants.

        Lola Rosa Cafe
        545 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1W5, CA

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        1. re: Moedelestrie

          Not sure if this is the right place for someone taking a client out to lunch, particularly one who would have gone to le Parchemin in the past. Its a bit too downmarket (not that that's a bad thing) when compared to what I think the OP is looking for.

          1. re: buspirone

            You are probably right I had not noticed the take a client part. When we have out of town visitors we always take them to Lola Rosa but they are invariably academics. For Academics lunch at Lola Rosa is kinda like drinks at Jimmy's in Hyde Park Chicago.

            Lola Rosa Cafe
            545 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1W5, CA

            1. re: Moedelestrie

              I'll have to try this place again. So many people recommend it but I had such boring, bland, and overpriced food when I went. I walk past it every single day and it's always lively. Okay, let's hope for better luck this second time around.

              1. re: The Chemist

                It IS boring and overpriced. I go here sometimes because it's so convenient for me, but paying $12 for a tortilla filled with black beans or avocado is NOT worth it. I have tried other dishes and it is consistently bland and uninspired. I think they used to be better...or maybe I'm just pickier. The nachos are pretty tasty, I suppose.

                1. re: kellyhay

                  Having lived in Chicago for many years where there were many excellent Mexican restaurants I think I understand your comment. Ethnic vegetarian is usually very highly spiced and this is what we get used to. I like Lola Rosa especially because they choose to use fresh flavourful ingredients rather than less expensive ingredients which can be disguised by heavy spicing.
                  This is especially true in ethnic communities where the more well to do use relatively less spice than than there less affluent countrymen. I think especially of Jamaica where the middle class uses very little chllie and India where in addition to less heat the middle classes use much less salt. In European cuisine this most apparent in how little spicing is used in high end Italian and how essential lots of herbs and spice is used in the more rustic concoctions.

                  I personally like food and happy with both preparations but I think McGill students and faculty being mostly from upper middle class backgrounds would prefer Lola Rosa style to what I would cook for Concordia students.
                  I hope this doesn't sound elitist, it is just anecdotal observations from 60+ years on this planet. People don't pickle a sirloin roast or deep fry free range organic chicken.

                  Lola Rosa Cafe
                  545 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1W5, CA

        2. Depending on your budget, there is Le Renoir in the Sofitel, or Ferreira. Holt's Cafe. Nespresso on Crescent. Newtown. MBrgr. Le Pois Penche. All are within about a 5-minute walk.

          1. Caramel or Laurie-Raphael.

            1. Thanks everyone.

              I think I will book Ferreira Cafe - it looks like it is something a bit different....there aren't too many high Portuguese restaurants that I know of.

              Does anyone know how it would compare to Chiado/Senhor Antonio in Toronto. This has to be the best Portuguese restaurant I have ever been to

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              1. re: iamam

                i think it is a very good choice, the waiters are helpful, we enjoyed our meals there and the wine from Portugal recommended by waiter was excellent. You could book a table at the front now that nice weather is almost here. I find the further back in you go the more crowded it seems