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May 4, 2011 12:31 PM

Supermarket Roast Chicken

There are some afternoons at the grocery store, after a long day at work, when the birds coming right out of the oven are too good to walk away from. At home I usually serve a quarter bird with rice and some kind of steamed veg for an easy dinner. When I'm ambitious I might do a stir-fry of the veg.

What do you to to your store-bought roast chicken to make a chow-worthy meal?

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    1. re: JamesPapa

      That's gotta do wonders for the (already marginal) skin.

      1. re: JamesPapa

        Our Whole Foods sells Bell and Evans chickens without any seasoning. They are incredibly bland, but I can work with bland. The salty supermarket kind is more of a challenge, even if I wash it.

      2. I have only tried it one time, I used the left overs for wraps the next day. We originally bought it to make quick pot pies.

        1. I have used it to make Chicken Pot Pies; when I didn't have time to roast my own chicken, or I make Chicken Salad and serve with a cup of soup.

          1. I do most of my shopping at Publix and once in a while I used to get an entire roast chicken for dinner, eat the whole thing, but for some reason Publix often undercooks their chickens, or at least the one near my home does ... I have a bit of a phobia about undercooked chicken so that put an end to that.

            Sweetbay cooks their chickens to my taste and of course Costco has great chickens, though I can't eat an entire Costco chicken.

            I'm scared to eat the Walmart chicken cause it's from Walmart.

            I usually have the "entire roast chicken" meal when I feel like I need a lot of protein.

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            1. re: redfish62

              oh yes -- if it's a Mojo-roasted chicken from Publix, the preparation that I manage is getting out of the way while my kid rips the box open with his teeth. He stops just short of growling at other people.

              1. re: sunshine842

                The mojo-roasted ones are awesome ... I wish they always had them available. The lemon-pepper one tastes like an unseasoned chicken to me.

                1. re: redfish62

                  The Publix lemon-pepper is my favourite. I guess it's all a question of what you're used to... the most I do with a Publix roast chicken is to buy a loaf of cuban bread and to make it into a fresh chicken sub (that's if I didn't pick up their dinner deal with the salads.) I usually make the leftover chicken into soup.

            2. Salads: Chinese, Cobb, pasta
              Mexican: enchiladas, tacos, nachos
              Sandwiches: sliced with avocado or chopped with celery, onion, curry