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May 4, 2011 12:07 PM

Pickling spice mix by the ounce/lb (or pre-packaged)

Any ideas where to buy bulk pickling spice mix by the ounce/lb...or reasonably priced packaged stuff?

I'm going to pickle some asparagus in the ice box, so a standard blend will work, nothing fancy and I'm not going to blend my own and just don't want to buy an ungodly amount.

I'm aware of Bombay Spices in Berkeley but figured it's not something they'd carry already mixed. Also know about Penzeys Spices in Menlo Park that has an 8 oz jar for $4 (seems reasonable)...but that's out of the way. I haven't check standard grocery stores but imagine a gouge.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Most grocery stores have a selection of "ethnic" spices that are in small plastic bags and very reasonably priced compared to the brand name spices sold in jars. These are often located near the produce or "ethnic" food aisle rather than the main spice section.

    Cost Plus World Market is also a good source for that sort of thing.

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    1. re: pamf

      Cost Plus might have it, I'll have to check. Thanks.

      re: the bagged ethnic spices, those can be a good value...don't ever recall seeing pickling spices however.

    2. Have you tried Berkeley Bowl or the Food Mill?

      Berkeley Bowl
      2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

      Food Mill
      3033 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602

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      1. re: wolfe

        I'm heading over to BB later...just thought I'd round up other options at the same time. Food Mill is a little out of the way but I'll check it out later if I can't find other options. Thanks.

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          Food Mill, call first although there must be some of your spices that need fresh replacement.
          (510) 482-3848

      2. Smart and Final and San Francisco Herb Company sells pickling spices by the pound. Not as high end as Penzey's but good enough for what you want it for and much cheaper too.

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        1. re: yimster

          SF Herb Company is a great store.

          San Francisco Herb Co.
          250 14th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

        2. When I make pickled pork for red beans and rice, I use mustard seed. This and many other spices can be found in Indian markets in varying sizes for very reasonable prices.

          1. Le Sanctuaire

            Le Sanctuaire
            315 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94108