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May 4, 2011 11:58 AM

Want Recipe for Chubby's green chile (on 38th) Denver, CO

I have tried recipe after recipe after recipe and can not find one that is like the hot, thick orange hued chile like at chubby's. I have read the old posts on here and every where for green chile but its not the same. I added a pic of what I am talking about. If anyone knows a recipe please share I woud greatly appreciate it thanks

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  1. Get in line, my brother... get in line... I'm frustrated beyond belief that I can make *good* green chile but I've never hit the final spike that connects the rails.

    I can get very close.. my flavors are right but the texture, mouth-feel and "hum" that go with a bright, orangish green are missing.

    If you are local- try the green up in Longmont sometime for science purposes at Deli-cioso. It's like Chubby's but a little chunkier with meat and chiles and therefore is just about perfect for me. Now- if they'd just make it a little hotter... that's 100 on the rating system.

    Deli-cioso has a family and therfore food-DNA relationship to the gone-but-never-forgotten La Cocina in Longmont. The 'spice mix" for the chile came up Aquascalientes, Mexico to New Mexico and then into Colorado. This spice structure is nearly identical to the flavors of Chubby's and I can't help but think they somehow shared a kitchen pot at some point in the past. The problem is- I can't re-create the profile. I can't really get too close which is hugely frustrating. We can trade emails or something from here lest I ramble for pages on this topic. I've yet to find a true source for the magic. 1,000 people will tell you they know how to make great chile... and it seems you can explore many of the ideas .. and they all end up less than what I already know. I want the NEXT step.

    Someone has the precious... we must find that someone... and you know.. threaten them a little.... nothing major... just, you know... pain-of-.... torture! <cardinal fang!! fetch..... the soft cushion!!!>

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      What's up man? Loved your post, nice to see there is someone else out there that understands my pain lol. E-mail is e-mail me and lets break this case!

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        When you get that green chili recipe worked out, just drop in my email: OR ELSE !!!!!!!!
        I'm hurtin' here!!!

    2. Know your pain well. Back in the 70's we would hit "Laco" (La Cocina in Longmont), back when they were in the old building downtown for a green bowl and all chorizo burrito every Friday night.
      Ever since I've tried to duplicate that green. It's just not possible. I wonder if Nick McChesney (owner, not sure of spelling) is still around. There was a bouquet of something that I just couldn't get. And your are right. There are plenty of people willing to give you a green chili recipe, but it ain't Nicks green. I've heard rumors he drove his Mercedes to Mexico to bring back something. Wow, I'm getting withdrawals just thinking about it. I've eaten at Deliosos many times, and it is very good. Close but wont take the gold. Now I live in Oklahoma where they have nothing but that Tex-Mex sheeut God help me.

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      1. re: motojak

        Spot on Moto.

        Here is an "article" I wrote 15 years ago before the LaCo closed.

        I was a horrible writer but it was a good subject. It was so nice to see him again and chat with him. I always remember his kind smile and calm demeanor. I miss that place!!

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          Yeah I am still searching too, I can not believe how hard this is lol

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            I read your article about LaCocina. It sure brought back memories. I remember the long waits in the basement. One Friday, after 5 of Nicks margaritas (they were not lemonade) on an empty stomach, I tore the pipe off the wall trying to get up those steep stairs.... and the pina con leche y loved the avocado tostados as well, the way they melted the cheese down on top of the lettuce. Ahhh ,,, dream on.

          2. re: motojak

            Nick main ingredients were tumeruc and oregano. Just ti name a couple

          3. And whereas I'm no closer to making Chubby's or Deli-Cioso chile than I was earlier in life I do have a really good substitute in a pinch to recommend. My sister turned me on to Nanita's Finest Green Chile (which is made by Consuelo's in Fort Collins). It's sold in jars in King Soopers and Sunflower Markets at least. Not sure about Safeway (hate 'em), Whole Foods, Wal-Mart. I think it's cheaper than the frozen Santiago's product and it's both fiercely hot and wonderfully spiced New Mexican style. Highly recommend!


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              Never heard of this, glad you posted I am going to give it a try. Thanks!

            2. I discovered the secret ingredients! I have recreated the recipe since 1978 at home! But do I dare simply reveal the entire recipe here?

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       will be a beloved Chowhownder for the rest of your life.

                I love green chile and have been experimenting for many years. I have the pork chile verde down, but not the Denver version.

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                  Yes please I beg of you :) I have tried for so long, tried so many recipes but none came close.

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                    For Chubby’s style thick and cloudy Green Chile, I use Masa Harina – corn flour for tamales found in ANY grocery store - as my final thickener, NOT roux nor cornstarch as thickeners.
                    Dice 2 pounds lean pork (I use 1 # per gallon): I use whole or center cut-whole- boneless pork loin.
                    It is inexpensive (comparably speaking) and I can cut off what I need for Chile, then cut slices ¾ inches thick for Pork Chop dinners, ¼ inch thick slices for sandwiches & breakfast pork steaks; and I leave it as whole pork loin for stuffing with fruits or veggies or sage dressing, or making Saison or Caribbean style roast pork loin, etc.!
                    Toss the diced pork into white flour, until thoroughly coated then shake off excess flour.
                    Heat TWO ounces cold pressed safflower or sunflower oil (Haines Brand OR Wal-Mart is least costly) PER pound of diced pork in a thick bottom restaurant quality Aluminum stock pot. NEVER cook in a 100% stainless steel pot, as it gets s hot spots wherever the heat source is touching the stock pot. Some stainless steel pots have a thick aluminum base to evenly distribute the heat. This is fine.
                    Heat the oil to about 325 degrees. NEVER allow it to get to a smoking point, as this is the flash – or fire-point!
                    LIGHTLY & evenly FLOUR diced pork pieces: this recipe is 1 lb. - and "sauté'" til the flour is browned - BUT NOT BURNED nor scorched, so watch your temps & stir more than occasionally!
                    Add 27 ounces diced, fire roasted HATCH green chilies - Foods of New Mexico OR Bueno sell frozen fire roasted diced or whole- you dice as needed. (I used to grow them at home in Colorado, but I live in Florida now. Thus I must buy CANNED Ortega; Hatch or “Tres something “(a Walmart brand BUT they are packed by HATCH!). Yes, some are even from Hatch, New Mexico OR lately, borne in Colorado, I hear!) Buy WHOLE - not pre-diced- Green Chilies, because you can use them for (Colorado style CRISPY) Chili Rellenos!
                    Stir the diced green chilies with the browned pork, till simmering. The flour will start to cook and enable you continue to thicken the stocks, BUT stir constantly & don't scorch the pork chunks!
                    When the green chilies start to simmer with the pork, slowly pour in:
                    THREE quarts CHICKEN stock AND
                    THREE quarts BEEF stock; add 2 tablespoons MEXICAN Oregano. This makes a great flavor. I learned this from a Vera Cruz, Mexico Chef in 1973! Many Colorado Mexican food recipes came from Vera Cruz & Puebla states’ Mothers & Grandmothers’ cooking!
                    Bring to a simmer, cooking until the pork is tender.
                    Add 1 tablespoon GRANULATED Garlic. The reason you add it toward the end, is because overcooking any garlic makes it bitter! Sautéing it with the pork chunks from the start will scorch & ruin the nice garlic flavor!

                    Prepare 2 cups of Masa Harina slurry: 1 cup Masa Harina & 1 cup cold chicken stock - to maintain the flavor.
                    Add the slurry slowly, pouring from a bowl or mixing bowl, so you can control how slowly you pour in the slurry and keep an eye on the thickening level. Use a wire whip to stir in the masa slurry and break up any small chucks, whipping the liquid slowly & smoothly, to thicken it!
                    THICKEN you your desired consistency!
                    ! That’s what gives Chubby's it orangish hue. You can also taste a bit of the masa--Chubby's secret flavor! - kinda like a tortilla soup-- but not as strong.
                    Thicken as desired, add additional seasonings as you see fit - such as salt; fine ground black pepper (NOT course!) and fire-roasted fresh Jalapenos for added HEAT!
                    I make a mild green chili- due to my preparing & canning 2 gallon batches at a time, but not everyone likes it HOT.
                    The OTHER style of green chili I make is the clear style, like Blue Bonnet, which is a glossy (you make slurry of water & corn starch) and you can see the oregano in their Chile.
                    I NEVER ADD CILANTRO!
                    I am one of those people to whom Cilantro has that metallic, butter taste (I have super sensitive nasal & tongue smell and taste buds!)
                    You all can multiply the above recipe upward. I make and jar 2-3 gallons at a time, as I have friends from Colorado here in SW Florida that are desperately seeking REAL Colorado Pork Green Chile!! Good Luck! Have fun and enjoy your various styles of Green Chile!

                    1. re: Cantinacolorado2015

                      Hey folks-- one slight error - I forgot that I had doubled the original recipe.. excewpt I didnt double the GREEN Chiles, above. Please add TWO 27 ounce cans OR TWO 30 ounce bags of frozen HATCH "Foods of New Mexico "brand fire-roasted, diced chilies-- ; OR for you LUCKY Coloradoans, buy FRESH street-roasted peppers; remove the skins; remove the seeds & stems; dice em up COURSELY - like 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch! - and add to the stock AFTER you simmer your diced pork til tender, to keep the green chili looking good! If you REALLY wanna go crazy making this, buy pork shoulder; trim it out & off the bone; leave a LITTLE fat on the pork; dice the pork into 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch cubes; SIMMER the BONE along with the floured diced pork til tender; scrape off any extra tender meat from the bone - I simmer my cubed pork and bone for a good TWO hours! This bone will add really GREAT flavor to your chile! But remember, this is a long slow way to make Green Chile. I cook it BOTH ways.. 'cause I am a Chef (C.E.C., C..C.E.) and sometimes I have LOTs of time, other times, I have NO time! That's life!! And Colorado Pork Green Chile and my CRISPY Chile reeeee-ay--knows gets me THROUGH my Daily Regiment!

                      1. re: Coloradogreen

                        Thank you for posting this. I've made a pot for our dinner tonight and it smells heavenly!

                      2. re: Cantinacolorado2015

                        Thanks for sharing this awesome chile reciepe.! While i do believe this is solid, chubbys does use tomatoes is some way shape or form in the chile. Some do not like it this way, but just curious are they cooked down? Is it puree? Do you just stay away from tomatoes? Someone please? Lol

                        1. re: Milldog86

                          Not sure, I talked to a guy at Bubba chino's and he said there are no tomatoes in the chili.

                    2. re: Coloradogreen


                      I do ok with my green chile at home, but Chubby's was my favorite - two breakfast burritos, green. Every day was different. Loved that stuff. If I ever go back to Denver, Chubby's is all kinds of "my first stop."

                      1. I just posted on a different thread but this is too important to not duplicate the post:


                        If you scroll up on the thread you'll find a recipe reblogged from a site called

                        It's the thing I've been searching for.. and although mine didn't turn out the way I wanted it to it's remarkably close. I think this is the key that will open the door.

                        if you try it please post results and thoughts. Collectively we can get there.

                        When I made mine I used too much liquid (bad) and I turned up the heat with a big mess of fresh jalapenos (good). I think the fact that he doesn't use onions is interesting. I'm going to try a batch with onion and see if it adds or detracts.

                        I also used fresh tomatoes as I didn't have canned puree handy.

                        So- have at it!! I'm going to post a thank you on his site.

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