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May 4, 2011 09:57 AM

Smoked Fish, Queens

Any good places to get hand-sliced Nova and baked salmon in or around Rego Park? All the old appetizing stores are gone...

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  1. bagelette on 63rd rd used to be great but it was sold 5 years ago and it sucks now.---i go out to Utopia bagels when i need stuff---you might try this place which gets mixed reviews--in Middle Vilage, Rego Smoked Fish

    otherwise try costco as last option in rego park---some of the russian deli's have stuff--but I have found all of them to be so uniformerly rude and without any ability to say thank you, when you buy something there, that I refuse to give them a dime of my money.

    Utopia Bagels
    19-09 Utopia Pkwy, Queens, NY 11357

    97-42 63rd Rd, Queens, NY 11374

    Rego Smoked Fish
    69-80 75th St, Queens, NY 11379

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    1. re: janie

      Costco does hand-sliced Nova? Last time I was there (I hate the place) they had only AWFUL frozen bulk packaged stuff...

      I also heard Rego smoked fish in Middle Village had closed...

      Do these bagel places have baked salmon? That's unusual...

      1. re: menton1

        No, costco doesn't hand slice, I meant if you had no other options, you could buy the refrigerated smoked salmon in packages--pre sliced--actually, the Echo falls smoked coho salmon is very good in the package presliced--and it has no nitrites or sugar--I get it at stop and shop, however, they are momentarily out of it--

        Give Rego fish a call and see if they are open still....I''m not sure....

        Baked salmon salad (nothing in it but baked salmon) is definitely at Utopia Bagels, and it's delcious and fresh there, their whitefish spread is good, too. Not cheap for either, but good. They also have many slabs of nova to hand slice----just insist on super thin if you like it that way--some of the guys are better than others at slicing----

        Utopia Bagels
        19-09 Utopia Pkwy, Queens, NY 11357

        1. re: janie

          Well, I don't care much for baked salmon salad, (Mayonnaise!), just the real deal, the baked salmon.

          "some better than others at slicing". Aaargh. Guess it's a trek to Zabar's or R & D...

          1. re: menton1

            There's no mayo in the salmon salad, just baked salmon---nothing else. --And if you state that you want it thin very forcefully, they will do it okay...don't worry...their bagels are great there---bialy's too.

    2. The place in Middle Village didn't close.. in fact I just placed a phone order with them at 718-326-2170 - call them for specific hours.. I don't know if they are open all the time because I don't go that often, but I know I am picking some up for this weekend...

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      1. re: NYMike

        I went to pick up my order.. and was a little surprised about the size of the new place.. they moved it into what looks like a hallway with the refrigerators on the side and back and a cutting table in the middle.. its just enough space to do what needs to be done. The fish is the same high quality with great prices..

        1. re: NYMike

          Rego was sold and closed for a while, no? I think I read in the paper that the longtime owner had died...

      2. there is a place on main street, to the right off jewel about o two blocks down on the right hand side- it is a kosher bagel store in the first shopping center.. not sure off the name- but I get fish there alot