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May 4, 2011 09:06 AM

Challah Help

I love the taste of my challah but I find that its too dense and not "fluffy" enough. Any advice? Should I try fresh yeast? If yes, do I need to change the amount of any of the other ingredients? The recipe calls for 1.5 tablespoons of yeast.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. The amount of yeast called for in any recipe is relative; typically a percentage of the amount of flour used.
    First of all, if you can, avoid bulk measurements when making bread. Weighting ingredients will give you a more consistent result.
    Whether your bread is "fluffy" or dense can depend on several things, including the amount of kneading and how the kneading is done. The degree of hydration is, of course, also important as is the final proofing process.
    Try this recipe:
    It is essentially foolproof.

    1. I've started using a new (to me) recipe for challah, and I've had fabulous, fluffy results.

      The recipe is here: (scroll down)

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        Wow thanks! I'm definitely going to try for this shabbos. Is it sweet? Just curious.

        1. re: UWSFoodie

          That's a lot of sugar. It would be way too sweet for me, personally. My recipe uses 2T sugar for this much flour and egg.

          1. re: UWSFoodie

            I didn't find it sweet, no, but I might have cut back on the sugar a little (maybe 1/3 c?). Adjust as you see fit, of course. Other changes: regular AP flour instead of bread (same general amount) and about half the salt.

            My last braid wasn't so lovely (I had distractions), but here's one I made in a loaf pan:

            1. re: Chocolatechipkt

              Thanks. My kids and husband really like sweet and cake like challos so I am going to try as is and maybe even add a pinch of honey. I really appreciate all the help!!