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May 4, 2011 08:16 AM

lunch YYC Sunday, south

Looking for a lunch place on Sunday (that will not be a zoo because of Mother's day) somewhere around Southland/Heritage/Chinook/Southcentre areas. Maybe good Vietnamese?

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  1. cleo, best Viet in the area is Bolsa, just north of Southland. Food is generally very good and the owners will make you feel like an old friend. They are the nicest people in the Calgary service industry.

    1. I would suggest better options north on mcleod trail up by Chinook center. There is Bagolac, siagon across from Long and Mcquade, and a few others.. Bolsa, was never a favorite of mine..

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      1. re: retroville

        Great suggestions, but don't forget about the Mother's Day walk and run. There will be over 20,000 people in the Chinook area this Sunday.

        1. re: annabanana2000

          Thank you! good call. Perhaps the Vietnamese place that Scary Bill recommended is the best bet then.

      2. cleo: From your other post I see that your in Bonavista, there is a new Viet takeout place, Nam, just down the hill by the KFC/Winking Owl in DeerRun. They had a write up in the Herald a few weeks ago but I havent had a chance to eat ther yet. It did get a good review tho.

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          You are correct, CDN, however I am meeting someone from downtown, hence, no further south than Southland. Thank you anyway. I will keep this in mind for further visits as take out Vietnamese is always handy.