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May 4, 2011 07:26 AM


I am moving to Timonium in a few weeks, close to Duleny Valley High School. I would like to know the best place to eat out, do take out, hidden gems, and best items on the menu of the area.
I am not against chains, but I would like more info on the non chain restaurants. Thanks!

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    1. Howdy, neighbor! Here are some places we frequent:

      * Cafe Spice (Indian, Cockeysville)

      * Pollo Amigo (Peruvian, Towson)

      * Tropical Grill (Salvadorian, Cockeysville)

      * Bluestone (Seafood, etc., Timonium)

      * Andy Nelson's (Beef & Ribs, Cockeysville)

      * Pho Dat Thanh (Pho, Towson)

      * Atwater's (Soup and Sandwiches, Kennilworth Mall)

      * There are many sushi places around as well, I've only tried Edo and San Sushi. There's a new Sushi Hana opening at the York/Ridgely shioopping center soon.

      Got kids? You'll need pizza:

      * Pasta Mista (Timonium and Towson)

      * CPK (Hunt Valley)

      * A zillion other small pizza and sub shops in the area

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      1. re: placidothecat

        pivs pub. kenilworth mall the italian gardens. cpk = horrible puke your guts out chain pizzaplace. can buy that garbage iat a grocer too fwiw.
        avoid that michaels raw bar place by giant. although the new-ish giant is nice for shopping.
        wegmans up the road is 10x better than the giant though. good food there.

        1. re: JamesPapa

          That seems a bit harsh. What is cpk?

              1. re: bmore_flavor

                And I agree with James Papa that CPK is bad, and my few experiences at Michael's have been not just terrible, but laughable.

                There are places in the area that aren't bad, but the only really chowhoundish place is Andy Nelson's, although James and I disagree on that one. Bluestone isn't bad, but you'll do better off the appetizer menu than the entrees.

                Wegman's is of course the only choice for groceries in the area.

                1. re: JonParker

                  MyOraganicMarket and FreshMarket will be opening soon. I think they may give Wegman's some competition.

                  1. re: 2000man

                    I think its MOM's Organic Market. Next to Charred Rib.

                    1. re: placidothecat

                      I think MOM's stands for MyOrganicMarket. Though, their website does verify my recollection.

                      1. re: 2000man

                        Ahh -- thanks. Been waiting for them to open so I can check it out.

                    2. re: 2000man

                      If the Fresh Market on Quarry Lake is any indication, there's not much fresh about The Fresh Market. Not even in the same zipcode as Wegman's in terms of variety either.

          1. re: placidothecat

            Try Maria's Sunday and Monday carryout deal. Half price pizza. It is pretty good.

          2. For true Maryland seafood I recommend Ocean Pride on York Road in Lutherville.

            1. seriously, just jump in your car like on a sunday at an odd hour and go/down York road. you will see or can find it all.
              i know you said you said you're not against chains but york road has a crap load. cpk being one, obviously..

              2 more. check out the amish market going towards wegmans. homemade foods. good stuff. and real thing at like 412 york road has decent cheesesteaks imo, of course what is a good cheesesteak varies heavily from p2p. if your the provolone, squishy bread type you'll probably enjoy. cheese whiz goop /hard roll type not so much..

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              1. re: JamesPapa

                I am a hard roll/provo guy, and thanx for a succinct and informative thumbnail sketch of Real Thing.

                The Real Thing
                412 York Rd, Towson, MD 21204

              2. Thanks everyone! Keep them coming.