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May 4, 2011 03:30 AM

Does anyone know what happened to Pazza Luna

I'm devastated. My favorite restaurant appeared, like...shut down last night when my husband stopped by for dinner. We love to sit at the bar there and eat and drink. It didn't look temporary. Does anyone know what happened.

Pazza Luna
1401 E Clement St, Baltimore, MD 21230

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    1. re: JonParker

      It was so sudden! I saw that on their facebook page, but I didn't know what to make of it. I was just talking to Christa the last time I was in a week or two ago and learned that she used to live in Maine, where I am moving to. I was looking forward to chatting with her some more. I also thought they owned the place. Who the heck does? And, why the sudden departure. No more Pazza Luna before we leave for Maine. Que barbaridad!!!

      Pazza Luna
      1401 E Clement St, Baltimore, MD 21230

      1. re: nyawira

        No cabe duda que es un gran lastima. I am still aggrieved over the closure of Mi Viejo Pueblito. IMO the moral of the story is that since the George W Bush Crash of 2008 prospective restaurant owners ought to focus on the low end.

        1. re: elgringoviejo

          Oooo, this hurts. I live a half a block a way and go once a week. What a great restaurant BECAUSE of Christa and Davide. First Gianfranco and now the Rossis? I'm done...

          1. re: BirdBrainBrad

            I'm still really curious to know what precisely happened. I loved everyone there and the food was very dependable. Buck the bartender cured me of my stomach ache I had been having for the previous few weeks with a lovely exotic drink (can't remember what it was), but I just loved that place and so did my husband. Sad.

    2. Rumors are that the owners of the building and Christa/Davide have reached some sort of agreement. Look for a Christa/Davide run Pazza Luna to be opening up again soon.

      Then again, if you believe every rumor that comes out of Locust Point, the number 1 bus line would have been cancelled years ago.

      Pazza Luna
      1401 E Clement St, Baltimore, MD 21230

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      1. re: KAZ

        Ran into them the other day. They are re-opening tomorrow (Sat) night and might have to to a Sunday brunch as well now too.