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Feb 6, 2006 10:41 PM

Big Mike's in San Pedro

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I was in San Pedro today and was drawn to a wonderful BBQ smell coming from a divey, hole-in-the-wall place called Big Mike's near the new Sav-On drug store on Gaffey. I was craving a burger and not really in the mood for ribs but decided to give it a try.

I am glad I did as the burger I tried was excellent. I had the "Big Mike" cheese burger combo with fries and Coke. The fries were nothing special, but the burger was enormous and delicious. A huge patty (looked like it was hand formed and definitely not frozen) topped with a hot link sausage, and lots of raw onion. The hot link gave it a nice spicy flavor and will definitely go back to check out the ribs. There was also greens, mac & cheese, yams, and baked beans on the menu

Big Mike's
655 W 7th St
San Pedro

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  1. The fries are spectacular than franchised owned brands. What you really need to do is spread lines of ketchup on top of your fries, request Seasoning Salt, and sprinkle it on (so it stays on the fries via ketchup). Perfectly crisp, yet tender and moist inside.

    The Big Mike is not just a mere cheeseburger. The beef patty is a near 1.5" of raw thickness (never frozen, always fresh [you can watch them cook as everything is out in the open]) and after being cooked, it shrinks down to a still-colossal 1" patty. Garnished with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, mayo, mustard, pickles, red onions (grilled optional), and the most essential of them all; the hot link. It sounds like your typical burger, yet it is not.

    For $6.45 you get a Burger most people cannot finish (try the Little Mike, tad smaller and minus the hotlink than the Big Mike), fries, drink w/free single refill.

    Note, this is only one burger of the wide variety they offer. I've been going to Big Mike's for over 6 months, and I can only feel great when I spread the word and know this private little burger business runned by entrepreneur, Robert Mike, is doing well by word-of-mouth reviews.

    I was told of this site by a Gentlemen who came from Northern California who happened to stop by at the same Sav-On the previous poster mentioned.

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      It also happened to be misfortunate as the Gentlemen came down on a Sunday Evening.

      Big Mike is open Monday-Saturday, from 10AM-9PM. Closed Sunday.

    2. I drove by here yesterday. We ate there....once. That was enough. Took 45 minutes to get two burgers and they blew us off by saying 'well, even fancy restaurants take that kind of time'. Uh huh.

      So I was not suprised to see it closed and a spiffy new Persian restaurant in its place. I was driving so I couldn't stop...just wanted others to be aware for better or worse and see if someone wants to be a guinea pig and try i!