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May 4, 2011 12:20 AM

Opinions on these cream liqueurs please

I am placing an online order and am considering picking up one or two of these which sound interesting but are not available locally (or are a lot cheaper out of state). If anyone has any feedback I would appreciate it, other than rumchata I have not been able to find (m)any credible reviews on any of them.


Voyant chai cream liqueur


Drumgray Highland Cream

Tres Leches triple cream liqueur

Santa Clara Rompope


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  1. Cream liqueurs are held in low regard, I think, for craft cocktail making. For example, RumChata calls itself horacha con ron (with rum), yet it contains cream, flavorings (inc. artificial) and rum but apparently no "milk" from rice, grain, or nuts. Horacha does not contain dairy.

    I associate cream liqueurs with overly sweet drinks with little alcohol flavor from the base spirit. I don't see much enthusiasm for this sort of thing from those whose reviews I would find credible.

    In developing a style guideline for Kindred Cocktails, we state that one of the hallmarks of a craft cocktails is: "High quality spirits and liqueurs. Not Midori, Apple Pucker, most flavored vodkas, most cream liqueurs."

    Personally, I'd put my energy elsewhere. I already have a number of disappointing bottles that I don't know what to do with. From what I infer from your posts, I think you and I share somewhat similar tastes.

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      Not looking to make cocktails from these, just to drink when in the mood. I have not tried all that many cream liqueurs, mainly Bailey's and its imitators - and I find them drinkable but not anything to get excited over for sure, though I have made a couple Alexander variants I have enjoyed, especially using Pusser's Rum.

      I thought that these ones sounded different enough to maybe be worth trying, and had read good things about the Rumchata - though not from any reviewers I am familiar with.

      I also thought the Lauria Alpine Cream Liqueur sounded interesting but it is over $30 while the others are all around $20 - but it is made from pear brandy and has actual pear pulp in it. Sounds bizarre enough to be interesting.

      1. re: EvergreenDan

        Lauria Alpine Cream Liqueur was a new one on me. That it is imported by Haus Alpenz is certainly a vote in its favor.

        Alternatively, you could look at the ingredients for inspiration and make something yourself.

        1. re: EvergreenDan

          I find your dislike of cream liqueurs sad. There are some very good ones out there Rumchata is one. Castries peanut rum cream is another.

        2. I have a bottle of the Voyant chai liquer. I opened it, tried it and put in my refrigerator about 7 yrs ago. I havent opened it since. Tasted like a chai tea but its just not my type of drink. It might be good mixed in a black tea as a cocktail for the summer. I havent tried that yet. Basically it is too much cream and sugar for my taste

          1. We got sent a sample of the Amarula and it was pretty good. Think a creme de cassis-like flavor on top of the cream base. I could see drinking that on the rocks or using it in an egg/egg white drink. I think we used it to make a tiki-style drink that Tiare from A Mount of Crushed Ice blog came up with, and I don't think we've used it since though. So perhaps, good for the genre, but not my thing overall -- although if a recipe came my way that used it, I would give it a go.


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