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May 3, 2011 10:25 PM

Maza, North Beach

This Indian/Pakistani place opened up last week in North Beach where Pasta Pomodoro had been located. They are somehow related to Naan N Curry, although I don't know the exact relationship. I stopped in over the weekend for a hearty lunch and was pleasantly surprised - the food seemed to be a step or two above Naan N Curry's, although the last time I ate at Naan N Curry was perhaps 3 years ago and my memory could be fading.

We had karahi gosht, ghobi gosht, tandoori chicken leg, and chicken seekh kebab. All were delicious and more flavorful than your garden variety tendorloin Indian dive. The naan was fluffy and extremely fresh. I'm definitely going to be getting takeout regularly.

Their current hours are 11am until 2:30 on weekends. In case anyone is out drinking til 2am...

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  1. i sit a buffet? and perhpas that may be the reason why it's better than naan n' curry?

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      No, it's not a buffet, I ordered at the counter and sat down. They promptly brought a plates/silverware along with water and plate of onions, chilis, cucumber, tomato, and lemon.

    2. Thanks for posting about Maza. I'd noticed it on Monday when i was on the 45 bus and wondered about it. How do prices compare to Tenderloin favorites?


      655 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94133