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May 3, 2011 08:17 PM

Student in central london

I'm staying near king's cross at the YHA and am looking for some delicious cheap (for london anyways) eats that I can access either on foot or easily by public transport. Indian, European, British, whatever. I just don't eat pork and I don't drink (though neither bother me as long as I'm not consuming it!)
I've never been to london at all, I'm not sure where to start it is rather overwhelming. I'm from Montreal.

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  1. don't worry, we're here to help.

    first of all, don't miss the indian ymca on fitzroy square - you could easily walk to it. good indian canteen food: you'll eat like countless indians do in their colleges and it must easily be the cheapest value for money meal anywhere in london. slightly pricier is raavi kebab house on drummond street - good seekh kebabs and roti. two doors down is pataks, where you can buy excellent microwaveable indian meals. it also must be the cheapest place for groceries anywhere in central london.

    so thats a few tips to start you off. also, type in 'budget' or 'cheap' in the search bar - we get requests like this often.

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      +1 on Indian YMCA - you can eat well for a fiver, and really well for £7. Further down Fitzroy Street (another 3 mins) is ICCO pizza, on the corner of Goodge Street. I think pizzas start at about £4. Round the corner on Goodge street is a little market with some food stalls. Not a huge fan of the Thai or Chinese but the falafel wraps are good, and the burritos and Middle Eastern salad boxes can easily do for two lunches. £4-5.

    2. Brixton Village is less than half an hour away from you by tube - lots of cheap and good food there, and also good for shopping as there's lots of places selling fruit and veg, fish, and some meat. Check out the separate thread for more details.

      1. Italia Uno's right there on Charlotte St as well. It's not the cheapest thing and they're pork heavy, but they generally have bresaola in as well so you can get that.

        You're only about 18 minutes on the Hammersmith and City line to Whitechapel. You should check out both the market and Needoo while you're there. Similarly there's a Turkish place on Bethnal Green Rd called Tas Firin which has decent lahmacun, soups, etc. Stick to the simpler stuff. Their lahmacun are cheaper than Green Lanes, though. For really cheap stuff, you've got Beigel Bake in the vicinity. Brick Lane is also a particularly good place to start a Friday night at before you go on to places which are open later around Old St.

        In the other direction there's the Malaysian student canteen which Limster has written about and which I've eaten at. I can't remember the name, but it's quite cheap for what you get. They also have a huge range of changing Malaysian specialties each day.

        You're relatively close (tube or bus wise) to ShekhaV's recently recommended Somali joint. Might want to give that a shot.

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          The canteen is Bonda Cafe, near Paddington. DaveMP mentioned that the Malaysian Student canteen in Bayswater run by the Malaysian embassy is significantly better, might be good to try that too.