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May 3, 2011 07:58 PM

Pre-Marinated Korean BBQ - Supermarket Recs in San Gabriel Valley?

For having such a huge Asian population (albeit, mostly Chinese and Vietnamese), I'm surprised at the lack of any quality Korean supermarkets in the area. Which market in the SGV has the best selection of pre-marinated Korean BBQ meats (ie. kalbi, bulgogi, etc). THANKS!

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  1. You have to go to east SGV, specifically Rowland Heights, and go to a place like the Galleria Market.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, but too far. I was hoping more around San Gabriel/Arcadia/Alhambra. ? Was reading the boards and somebody mentioned HK Supermarket (really?). Does anybody know about HK Supermarket or Ranch 99 carrying pre-marinated Korean BBQ meats? (I recently went to a newly opened Hymart in Diamond Bar...which was lovely and clean and organized and packed with Korean yumminess! But way too far). :(

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        The Square Supermarket
        8150 Garvey Ave. (SW corner of Garvey & San Gabriel)
        Rosemead, CA 91770

        This is the only Asian market I know of in the West SGV with pre-marinated Korean meats although I have yet to try them, they have other Korean food items too. I mainly buy produce there. The parking lot is packed on the weekends, so if possible try to go mid-week.

        On a side note there's a conveyor belt sushi place in the same strip mall called Caga Sushi, it's always a trip to watch the inquisitive faces of Hispanics when they read the sign.

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          99 ranch actually usually has marinated kalbi, but it's NOT good.

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          Hmart marinated meats are great, love the BBQ chicken as well.

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            Mitsuwa on Las Tunas between Mission and Santa Anita has this (San Gabriel). I've had the marinated pork. It's really good. Go early though - it sells fast.

        3. ROFLMAO! If westsider's have to go east for decent Chinese, surely you can go West of Dt to Assi or any of the other K-town markets!!! ;^)

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            Just asking...that's why I'm here! I just want to know where I can run out in the neighborhood to go & grab my Korean BBQ. Maybe I'm more just in disbelief that SGV pretty much has no decent Korean market to speak of (considering there's a healthy enough Korean population here!). If there's a Mitsuwa in San Gabriel for Japanese groceries, come on...there can be at least 1 decent Korean market! (hmmm...maybe I should open one...) Ha!

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              I live in Monrovia and usually get my pre-marinated KBBQ meat at HK Market in Glendale. If you're really desperate, there is also a small Korean grocery store on Live Oak in Arcadia that carries marinated meats.

              H K Market
              831 N Pacific Ave, Glendale, CA 91203

              Arcadia Korean Market
              171 E Live Oak Ave, A Arcadia, CA

              1. re: lileor

                My Korean friend told me that the marinated meats at the Korean grocery on Live Oak are pretty decent and the location definitely falls into the location the OP is asking about!

              2. re: Chowriffic

                Just messing with you! ;) We don't get a lot of sympathy for not wanting to head east - So I thought I'd pass on some of the grief!

            2. You could marinate it yourself. The marinate is a simple recipe; soy sauce, sugar, spices etc. and you can buy thinly sliced meat almost anywhere.

              1. If you have a Trader Joe's near by, they have a really good "bool gogi" in their fresh meat section. It is already marinated, cut and easy to grill, broil or pan fry. Decent sub for driving to K-town.

                1. Thanks everyone for the great ideas! Sounds like there are a few places to check out (didn't even think that Mitsuwa might carry!). THANKS! Time to get barbecueing...and smelly! YUM! ;)