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May 3, 2011 07:52 PM

Going to Distrito for the 1st time

So my wife and I are headed to Distrito for the 1st time. A couple of questions.

1. I was thinking 3 plates a person. Is that too much, too little, just right?

2. We're thinking of getting the following:

Shortrib huarache
Pollo tacos
Carne al carbon tacos
Carnitas tacos
Pork belly mole
Chicken enchilada

Are any of these things you would skip? Are we missing any must haves?

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  1. The Short rib Huarache I personally don't care for. Nor the Chicken Enchiladas

    Guacamole is really good there (I never liked it before) and I REALLY recommend the Carne Kobe. I know it's a little pricey and really I don't care about the Kobe part; but if that combination of stuff on there appeals to you like it does to me, then you will love it. Ok and 2 more -- the district chicken was delicious but a huge serving really and it looks like you're going more for the small plates and the tortilla soup is really flavorful.

    1. I love the shortrib Huarache but I did have them one time that they were a little dry and not as good. The fish tacos and carnitas. If you like corn there is a corn side w/ chees that comes in a tall glass that many people I've been there with really like. Have fun!

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        I like the mushroom huarache a lot more than the shortrib one though the last time I had it it was very salty. I recommend the lengua tacos.

      2. Get the hiramasa ceviche. Even if you don't like ceviche, you'll like this!

        1. Short rib flatbread was overwhelmed by a cherry chutney when we were there Saturday. Mahi Mahi tacos, octopus ceviche and the big plate of nachos were excellent, and enough for two.