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May 3, 2011 07:25 PM

How to make reservations at GRESCA BARCELONA

hello chowhounds!
Does anyone know how I can make reservations at GRESCA as their website is not working, there is no email, nothing...

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  1. Hi Yesi!
    Their website is always like that. Just a name, address, phone number. Simple, like them. Just ask your B&B to call for you.

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    1. re: Aleta

      I searched all over for an email and found nothing--which deterred me from reserving there, as I didn't want to try and call from the US. (Staying in an apartment, we had no concierge etc.)

      1. re: jinx

        Too bad, Jinx. It's a good place and very reasonably-priced. Imagine a tasting menu for 50+Euros. No worries, though! I know you had lots of other delicious meals.

        It's a small restaurant and they will confirm (and double-confirm) your reservation. They DO speak English. And I've seen them turn away people without a reservation, even when the restaurant was nearly empty (just my son and me). Of course, it filled up within 30 minutes.

        1. re: Aleta

          Well instead we chose Hisop--also a tasting menu for 48 Euros, which was excellent--and they had an email address :) If we hadn't been going during such a busy period (Easter week) I would have risked calling when we got to Spain, but didn't want to cut it that close. Maybe next time.

        2. re: jinx

          They speak excellent English. Call just before opening times (lunch or dinner) and, if you want the tasting menu, order it when you make the reservation. Have a contact phone # available - or if you don't have one, promise to call them a day or two ahead to confirm.

      2. I just called Gresca tonight and got a table for tomorrow (Sat) for the tasting menu (50 euros). They open at 20h30. The lady who picked up spoke excellent English. Hisop and Cinq Sentis were booked up so I should have thought of making reservations at those places much earlier! Too bad Gresca wasn't smarter in developing their Website and taking online reservations like all the other restaurants.