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May 3, 2011 05:57 PM

Where can I get 'LIVE' Alaskan King crab?? - or season already over??!!

I'm looking for a live Alaskan King Crab to take to Maple Yip and have the chef there prepare dishes for me. Rather than driving around town, any fellow chowhounder know, FOR SURE, places that might have them? In the past, once in a while, I noticed them available in T&T. Will Lobster Island in Scarborough have them? Thx!!

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  1. I remember reading some time ago that Scaramouche had a source. You might check the Globe archives or call them.

    I've never seen one in person, but, frankly, I would have horror flashbacks of the movie Alien if I had to drive one of them around the city. You have the makings of a very good photo essay, B-movie, or at least a youtube video. Please share your journey.

    Possible Chow gathering....Alaskan crab races.....

    1. I saw some in a tank at Sunny Foodmart on Don Mills but that was a few weeks ago.

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        Charles, on Mother's Day my father in law mentioned that he and three others shared an Alaskan King Crab at Rodney's. It was definitely whole. He mentioned that when presented, it took over the whole table, it was so huge. I suggest calling Rodney's and asking for their source. That dinner probably took place two or three weeks ago.

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            Bill's Lobster has live ones at certain times of the year, you can call and check when they will have them next.

            Bill's Lobster
            599 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

      2. I saw one in the tank at Xam Yu a couple weeks ago. He told me they bring them in based on pre-ordering by customers. They cook it three ways. Call to find out where they get theirs.

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          I was in TnT on the weekend and say about 8 of them in the tank, also had a few legs cut on ice. Don't remember the price as I was in for lobster.

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