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Feb 6, 2006 09:21 PM

rotisserie chicken of california

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drove by this place maybe a million times and always was curious. finally since i had stupid jury duty and got a 2 hour lunch, decided to walk there and try it out. the place looked pretty full and everyone seemed to know what to get. i heard a lot of orders of the japanese mustard sauce. and the owners/chef looked like a cute japanese couple. everything on the menu looked really good, but i just got the old pasadena salad since i felt like a salad. it was simple but tasty.

anyone else have recommendations of what to order next time i go?

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  1. RCOC has moved to a new location in Pasadena on Los Robles. I personally LOVE this place. I'm obsessed with rotisserie chicken, and although this might not be the best chicken in LA, the sauces more than make up for that! They give you 3 sauces on the table..(green, red, and I forgot the other one). You want the red-medium sauce! Amazing. I like to order the plain rotisserie and smother my chicken in it! I get a certain combo that comes with half chicken , salad, and rice. However, I substitute the rice for FRIES. The fries are absolutely incredible here and I also like to drench those in sauce. Hehe. Now onto the star of this cafe...THE JAPANESE MUSTARD SAUCE!!! When you get a salad, make sure you choose this dressing. If they had this at bars, I'd order shots of this instead of tequila! It's soooo good.
    Another recommendation is the teriyaki rotisserie chicken.

    1. A friend loves the steak with mushrooms, there.

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        Rotisserie Chicken of California
        26 N Los Robles Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101