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May 3, 2011 03:05 PM

Restaurante Jaizkibel in Barcelona

I just wanted to sing the praises of this modest-looking but terrific tapas place on Sicilia, 180 in Eixample. This is the only place in Barcelona we revisited, partly because it was near our hotel, but also because the seafood is impeccable, the service is warm, and the array of food is appealing. Their fried fish is terrific, but I prefer the tender octopus above large potato rounds, the grilled razor clams, fried green peppers, grilled artichokes, jamon, and more. If you are lucky, they will be serving fresh snails, cockles, or crab. Try to sit in front of the tallish, balding gentleman. He has great humor and charm and will not steer you wrong. The wine is limited but delicious and all the usual liquors are at hand, too. We were always the only tourists in the place, and it is a wonderful respite from the hurlyburly of the Gothic area or the Gracia. We ate in the front, but there are tables with waiter service in the back.

Across the street is La Higuera (aka "The Fig Tree"), which serves excellent jamon. The street might be nondescript, but hte food isn't.

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  1. Thank you so much for the write up; Two wonderful places to try on my next visit.. Will also relay the info to my Barcelona friends.

    1. Dave,

      I'll have to keep this place in mind, especially since it's located in a part of Barcelona where I don't know what else to eat. From the name, it sounds like a Basque restaurant that serves pintxos. La Higuera is owned by the same people and caters to groups and larger parties.

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        The bar is Basque in style, although the people who work there don't seem to be. In the back room, they have a restaurant menu, and I saw good-looking steaks and whole fish being delivered. We never saw the restaurant menu.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Thanx. Great info. I always like tips on the Eixample.

      2. Thanks for this confirmation. On a previous trip, I tried to get into Jaizkibel for lunch on a Sunday without a reservation. Silly me. Booked solid. Didn't make it on our last trip either, but now it's on the definite list for next time. I just knew it would be good. Thanks.

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        1. re: JmVikmanis

          Just spent a week in Basque country and except for some nouvelle tapas at A Fuego Negro in San Sebastian, don't think we ate any tapas or pintxos as good as the better dishes at Jaizkebel.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Oh-oh, shades of Chinese food in Spain, Dave! :-)

            I can't imagine that a Basque restaurant in Barcelona could be better than all the pintxo bars in San Sebastian! After all, it makes sense that Basque food should be best in the Basque food capitol. I'll be in Barcelona and San Se myself this summer. Looking forward to trying your discovery.

            1. re: Aleta

              "Oh-oh, shades of Chinese food in Spain, Dave! :-)"

              Some milestone !

        2. Not on my radar, so thanks Dave. I'll definitely add this to my Barcelona list. I'm arriving in Barcelona on Sunday night, but, alas, won't be able to spend any time in Barcelona because of my wife's speaking schedule at a conference in Costa Brava. So Restaurante Jaizkibel will have to wait for a future visit. As compensation, I'm looking forward to eating at Restaurant Iberic in Ullastret for classic Baix Empordan cuisine.