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Good food, if a bit expensive overall

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So last Friday, I went with some friends to try Remick's, the new restaurant in Quincy Center which replaced the late, not-at-all-lamented Finian's pub. Remick's is run by Marc Orfaly, who also owns Pigalle in Boston.

They did an excellent job renovating Finian's space. It's got a nice open feel, with modern clean lines, and dark wood. Very stylish, and warm. Many of the tables along the walls are banquettes, and we were seated at one, which was very comfortable. I also liked the fact that it wasn't horribly loud, so you could have a normal conversation with your companions.

The menu is all over the place, from German Wiener Schnitzel, to Japanese Ramen noodle soup, to steak tips. Appetizers ranged from OK to excellent. Excellent was a duck terrine which was outstanding. Light as air and delicate, with a nice spicy flavor, I believe was some allspice or mace perhaps. The fried calamari appetizer was also very good, a big platter of crispy, non-greasy rings and tentacles. Nothing particularly special about it, but it was tasty. I had a special appetizer of figs stuffed with blue cheese. This was somewhat disappointing. There were three very tiny figs on the plate with a crumb of blue cheese in each, and a tiny side salad. For this, I was charged $14, which we all thought was outrageous. I have to say it was my mistake for not asking the price from the server, but still that was a shocker.

For entrees, I had the Wiener Schnitzel, which was also just OK. It came with sides of red cabbage and what was described as "Herbed Spaetzle", although it didn't taste of any herbs and didn't look so much like Spaetzle. The pork cutlet was nice and crispy, but the lemon caper sauce again was just not assertive enough for me. I've had much better renditions of this dish.

My friends had the steak tips, which were well-received, tender and flavorful. Another friend had the roasted duck, which was OK, although not as crispy as he wanted, and again the promised tart cherry sauce was not really noticeable.

We had dessert as well. We ordered two orders of the Blackberry beignets. These were very tasty. Tiny balls of dough, fresh out of the fryer, stuffed with something that was probably Blackberry, but there was so little of it, it was difficult to tell.

Service was efficient and very friendly, and we had no complaints in that area. The restaurant was full when we got there around 7pm, but we were seated within 10 minutes, and when we left at 8:30, there was an empty table or two.

So, four people, each with one beer, three apps, four entrees and two desserts, came to $165 before tip. It's difficult for me to say whether I'd return or not. I love the fact that it's open in Quincy, and I really wanted to like it much more than I did. If I had friends that invited me to go to dinner with them here, I'd go and try some other items on the menu. I did have my eye on the suckling pig roast for 10 people, which I might do for a special occasion like my next birthday, perhaps.

I'd love to hear what others think of this place. I posted this review because I found almost no mention of it on here.

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  1. Hi MWK-there's a b it of discussion of this under the March Openings and Closings\ thread. I like it a lot. We ordered off the menu-no specials. Menu itself is very reasonalbe for entrees--all $20 or under. I want to try the pig roast, too!!!

    I don't know how to link, here's what I said there:

    "I'll pile on too. Went to Remick's Sat nite.

    Great service at the bar and at the table. Asked for a dry martini--got it (sometimes I think bartenders add MORE dry vermouth when asked for dry--this was not the case, they did it right). DC's beer was as ordered.

    Were sat immediately at table post ordering drinks.

    Very friendly service (but not overly so) . Really good homemade foccacia with hummus (olive oil and sumack on top). YUM.

    I odered the duck--breast and leg with pureed potatoes, kumquat glaze, veggies. I loved every bite and am looking forward to my leftovers tonight. DC had the Angus sirloin steak tips. Very nice charred flavor. He subbed FF for rice-- Nice fry job. We both loved our meals.

    Given the menuy, the decor, the price-point, this is exactly the spot I was hoping for for QC. Iam delighted Remick's has arrived.YAY!"

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      Ah, I didn't think to look in that thread, thanks. Anyhow, I guess you liked it a bit more than I did. I'll probably go back to try something else, if friends want to go. I hope the place does well; it is a nice addition to Quincy Center, and maybe it will encourage other restaurants to open.