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May 3, 2011 02:22 PM

Vegetarian tasting menu on a Sunday?

My wife and I want to have a special dinner out on a Sunday. We're vegetarian, live in London and love tasting menus (and eating in non-vegetarian restaurants - since vegetarian restaurants are all too often a bit pious!). But alas, I can't seem to find any really good restaurant that has tasting menus which is open on a Sunday. Is this me being dim? Would we do better if we fired straight over to Montreal (where we'll be going later on in the week)? I'd be very grateful for any help.

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  1. Sorry, should have made clear that ideally we want to be eating out in Toronto!

    1. You would not do better if you went to Montréal. I don't know of a single place in the city that serves a vegetarian tasting menu. In fact, the city is not as vegetarian-friendly as Toronto, so much that if you eat vegetarian you need to make sure that the restaurant you are aiming for has options for you. Also, a lot of the restaurants in the city close on Sundays.

      See this thread here:

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        Thanks v much for your quick reply. So where in Toronto would be best to go? George and Colborne Lane seem to be rated most highly...but are closed on a Sunday, it seems.

        Colborne Lane
        45 Colborne Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1P8, CA

      2. That's definitely a tough one. Most fine dining restaurants are closed on Sunday. If you don't mind making your own tasting menu, I would suggest Woodlot. They have a really excellent (and separate) vegetarian menu, and you could probably just tell them you want to share everything on it.

        Woodlot is casual, but it has a great vibe to it, and I think you'd enjoy it.

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          Another place that would be fun is Origin:

          It's a small plates concept already, so you could easily assemble a vegetarian tasting menu for yourselves. The entire snacks menu and mozzarella bar menu are vegetarian, much of the chilled menu and a couple of items on the hot menu.

        2. Live and Breathe in Little Italy. More casual than a white tablecloth restaurant, but the food is interesting enough to compensate. Even though they don't have a tasting menu available regularly, you could probably call ahead and ask the chef to put together something for you.

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            LAB's new menu has a multitude of appetizers, both hot and cold. You could order 3 (or 4) each and effectively put your own tasting menu together. They also have a 'primi' section that could serve as a main within a tasting progression (the pea gnoccheti would work for that - had it last night and it was totally 'peasome').