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May 3, 2011 02:09 PM

Dress code at Sable, Cafe des architectes

Im hearing mixed opinions on the casual/upscale dress of these 2 places, anyone know for sure what the expected attire is at these place?

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  1. CDA is smart casual to business casual. Sable is casual.

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      LOL - in ten words, mountsac posts a better, more understandable description than my lengthy post below! :)

      1. re: nsxtasy

        Lol, well thanks for the help, what about nacional 27, and what's the atmosphere like on a weekday, (Monday, Tuesday)

        1. re: ays89

          If you're asking about attire, it's similar to CdA, i.e. smart casual to business casual. The atmosphere when I've been there is very lively and festive, although I haven't been there within the past year or two, so I don't know how much their weekday business has been affected by the economy.

    2. What their Opentable listings say: CdA is "smart casual", Sable is "casual".

      What I've observed: I would say that the *average* attire at both places is similar, but I've seen way more variation at both ends of the scale at Sable than at CdA. So Sable is more along the lines of "anything goes and you'll fit right in".

      At dinner at CdA, I haven't noticed anyone with truly casual attire (e.g. t-shirt, worn jeans, cargo pants). So-called "business casual" predominates, i.e. gentlemen with collared shirts and non-blue-denim trousers, women's attire tends to vary more but with corresponding formality/casualness, no athletic attire (gym shoes, spandex, shorts); you could probably get away with *nice* jeans but you'll be more casual than most. It's a bit looser at weekend brunch, when for example nice blue jeans are more acceptable.

      At Sable, I've seen more people dressed up than at CdA, and more people dressed down as well. For example, most gentlemen don't wear sportjackets at either place, but I've seen more men in jackets at Sable than at CdA. And I've seen people dressed quite casually at Sable - not dressed like slobs, but for example somewhat worn jeans would fit right in there, unlike CdA. IIRC the servers at Sable are dressed fairly casually too (blue jeans?), which is often a sign of what to wear. This is only dinner; I haven't been there for weekend brunch, but considering that dinner is pretty casual, I doubt that there would be all that much difference.