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May 3, 2011 01:32 PM

Passage 53 and Saturne Reservations

As I have posted many times, Passage 53 and Saturne are on my itinerary for my July holiday. I have dined at Passage 53 several times, but never at Saturne.

I usually make my own reservations, but for this trip, because we are staying at a hotel (we typically rent an apartment), I asked the hotel to reserve on my behalf. The hotel told me today that Passage 53 will not take reservations more than 15 days in advance, and Saturne will not take reservations more than 10 days in advance.

I am curious as to whether anyone else experienced this as well.

I'm worried, since I don't want to wait until what for me would qualify as "the last minute" to make these reservations. I feel like I should have a back up plan, and, accordingly, would welcome advice.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Unless there's a new policy at Saturne, I question the accuracy of your hotel's information. I called Saturne well over a month ago to make a reservation in late May and had no problem booking a table.

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    1. re: amydeastbay

      I also question the Saturn resa thing. But (1) it may be a new system (2) your hotel may be "streamlining" its resa job.

      1. re: Parigi

        I think you are right. I just called Passage 53 and made a reservation for July. I will try Saturne tomorrow. I guess, always, if you want something done . . . Many thanks for the replies.

    2. My wife and I are going to both of these restaurants (passage 53 and saturne), and we were wondering about the dress code. For guys, is a short sleeve polo shirt and nice jeans OK for dinner? I realize some folks like the spectacle of dressing up for dinner, but we are not in that group.

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        If your polo and jeans are crisp, I doubt you'd stand out at either. You sound fine to me. Enjoy.