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Feb 6, 2006 08:29 PM

La Cabanita in Glendale

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Has anyone been to La Cabanita in Glendale? How is that food? Are there any don't miss items?

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  1. Been there and highly enjoyed it. I had a slow cooked pork in a green mole sauce. Huge amounts of pork chunks covered in a very rich and complex green mole. The wifey had spiced beef tacos (forget the full name, it was several months ago) with raisins and some other unique ingredients I can't seem to recall. Regardless, it was different but very delicious. Great staff, very friendly atmosphere and good margaritas.


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      Totally had the same thing. What is it about us Midwesterners and pig meat? Ugh I feel some semetic guilt kicking in right . . . . NOW!

    2. We were just there on Saturday -- the food is terrific, had the carnitas plate, good as always.

      1. is it mexican or cuban? what's that cuban restaurant in glendale called, thats supposed to be good?

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          Das Ubergeek

          You're thinking of Havana Beach Cafe, which used to be right next door and is now up on Honolulu in downtown Montrose.

          La Cabanita is fantastic -- love the quezadilla with rajas, and the enchiladas con mole.

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            You might be thinking of Portos. It's a cuban deli/cafe with three separate sections: sandwiches/coffee, sweets, and bread. I've had the vegetarian sandwich (tomato and feta on baguette), and I don't eat meat, but I've seen the cuban (ham and some other pork with cheese). The sandwiches come with fresh made plaintain chips. Everything looks great and the place is always packed. You do have to wait, but for the number of customers they are surprisingly efficient. It's cheap but I must say the portions are on the small side. When I go back I will have to order two sandwiches to be full.

            Address is 315 N. Brand in Glendale.

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              Das Ubergeek

              Please don't change the subject line... those of us using Hotposts from the main page don't see threads and the subject line is the only way we can keep the threads straight.

              Porto's is a Cuban bakery but there is a Cuban restaurant called Havana Beach Cafe on Honolulu between Verdugo/Montrose and Ocean View, on the north side of the street, about five blocks from La Cabanita.

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            For me. my all time favorite dish is the "Sopes Compuestas". No not try to get this dish to go ... it is not the same when travelling.

            I also like the "Enchiladas en Mole".

            The chips are especially good and I love their red salsa.

            Really crowded weekends, lunchtime and evening. But you can catch some reasonable relaxation late afternoon ... just before dinner. With trial and error, this is my favorite time.

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              Excellent margaritas, too.

            2. I'll cast another vote for the Mole Verde with pork.