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May 3, 2011 12:48 PM

You know it's bad when your chinese buffet comes with a security guard...

I KNEW it was a terrible idea to go the the Teppanyaki Buffet at Hi-Lake. I was hungry, it was there, and curiosity got the best of me. HUGE, BUSY, lots of food. All, bad. I mean bad. There was not one thing I tried that I thought was, well, good. And, they did not have hot mustard. Every kind of flipping salad dressing to put on your plain iceberg lettuce, but NO hot mustard. Not even in the crappy packet. Salt and Pepper Chicken - tough, tasteless. Salt and Pepper Shrimp - soft and salty. Green Beans - okay, but too sweet. Chicken wings - tough, terriyaki chicken - abomination. On and on. Sushi - frightening. Oh they do have about 4 kinds of Blue Bunny Ice Cream with the cheapest and some of the wierdest toppings I have every seen (fake bacon bits and chow mein noodles on ice cream?). I think the mediocre green tea ice cream may have been the highlight. Oh ya, I liked my hot tea.
So, I go to leave and this pimped out dude is yelling at the cashier that he ain't paying no woman's bill, only his, she sat down with him, blah, blah, blah. The cashier is more than a little pissy, and threatens him with the cops, he walks out, she starts screaming, he comes back in, and on it goes. I pay. And when I walk out, the security guard, yes security guard, smiles at me and starts commiserating about the situation, calling the cops all the time, and my only response is, "you need security here?" Oh yes.
A first. And, a last

Teppanyaki Buffet
2216 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

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  1. Bad food or not, the place sounds very entertaining ;)

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    1. re: shadowfax

      Oh yes, it was. I forgot about the fat lady with a beard. Serious. I couldn't make it up.

      1. re: shanemio

        Teppanyaki is a Japanese word, but it's a "Chinese" buffet?

    2. Man, I need to go here soon. The show sounds like it has the Chanhassen Dinner Theater beat by a mile.

      1. Doesn't sound like a good experience to me, but I have a more positive view of Teppanyaki Buffet. I have now been there several times and I think it is one of the better Chinese buffets currently in the Twin Cities. The sushi is well above average for a buffet and the shrimp with pepper dish they serve Saturday for lunch is one of the better shrimp dishes I have had at a Chinese buffet. They also have a beef with pineapple dish at lunch which I think is pretty unique. Speaking of sauces, I agree I wish they would add hot mustard, but they do have duck sauce so I'm happy with that. The ice cream bar has Blue Bunny ice cream, hot fudge, a bunch of unique toppings (marshmellows, oreo cookies, etc). Lot's of fruit choices as well. I agree I have no idea why the bacon bits and noodles are placed with the desserts, kind of funny IMO. I think the service has been good when I have been there, which is impressive considering the size of the place. I rate 98 Pounds and NKB ahead, but Teppanyaki is ahead of a lot of others in town.

        Teppanyaki Buffet
        2216 E Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55407

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        1. re: TDS1

          I'm fine with security guards and crazy patrons as long as the food is good. Not sure about the other offerings, but a Blue Bunny hot-fudge sundae with bacon bits sounds like it might be a winner!

          1. re: AnneInMpls

            TDS1 - glad you had a good experience. Maybe they ramp it up for the weekend. I spit out my sushi. And honestly, there were two flavors: salt and sweet. That's it.
            Anne - Bacon and Chocolate = Heaven. Bac-o-bits. Frightening! And, I do make a cookie with chowmein noodles, chocolate and peanuts, so on second thought...