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May 3, 2011 12:28 PM

Chaconia, Trini on Deptford High St - London

Hello all,

I recently tried a roti and a mauby from a restaurant I had long believed was shuttered. Chaconia stands out amongst its neighboring Nigerian bakery, Tesco and pound shops because of it's very noticeable Trini flag sign, but it constantly seems closed. It turns out that they have an issue with their gate which was only just resolved. Beforehand one had to knock on the door to get let in. Now you still have to do that sometimes, but there's no big intimidating metal gate in your way.

The staff are very friendly (two person team) and most of the cooking seems to be done by a dedicated older Trini woman. The bread is made fresh for every roti (dal puri in my case) and the curries are all around 3.50. That means that a tremendously large roti with two veg and goat curry comes to 5 pounds. Their goat curry is probably my favorite thing about the place and it comes boneless at no extra charge (which is helpful when you're basically eating a burrito.) Pumpkin curry and potato curry were added to my roti at no extra charge and both were very noticeable in the grand scheme of perfectly cooked goat.

The mauby was passable, but at 80p a cup I'd really like to try the homemade sorrel.

This place serves one of the best rotis I've ever had in the UK.

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  1. So many great places in deptford to explore! Thanks for the heads up - looking forward to trying it.

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      The area has an incredible variety of stuff. I wish I had more money so I could tear through the African places as they're quite expensive. Other interesting spots around the area are Mr Agege Bakery for agege bread, muy muy, mediocre patties and Nigerian snacks. Honey's has good homemade sorrel, but it's not very good otherwise. On the other hand, Dee's Beigel Shop is a very similar business, but their food is excellent (and cheaper.)

      The Waiting Room is also by far the best coffee place on the high street right now. Espresso as good as the Deptford Project's at a quid for a double. Good little pastries, snacks and smoothies that change daily too. They've pretty much just opened.

    2. I was just thinking about where to get Caribbean roti today. You've whetted my appetite!

      1. The sorrel's really good - a bit lighter in both colour and thickness than Honey's, and about the same sweetness. I'd say I prefer it.

        The vegetable stuff in there generally is fantastic - I was talking to the cook (said older Trini woman) and she said she is pretty much vegetarian. The channa & alou with a roti wrap is only 3.70, and the best thing I've had from there. The buss up shut is, unsurprisingly, also very good - not too dense, soft, and flaky.

        She also said she'd soon start selling Trini vegetables (as in, fresh Trini spinach/pumpkin etc) that a friend of hers grows on her allotment.

        The shrimp curry is next on my hitlist. Oh, and if she offers you pepper sauce, SAY YES. They make it themselves, and it's the best pepper sauce I think I've had. I'm probably going to try to buy some next time I go.

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        1. re: joolsd

          JFores: I would forego the African places in Deptford (I'm positive most of them are Nigerian) due to the price as you mentioned and head down to Peckham, or Mini Lagos as I like to call it for cheap, homestyle Nigerian food - Cafe Spice, Obulende Suya and Agrobeso come to mind. There is also a Ghanaian and an Ivorian place I've come across.

          1. re: Nii

            It sounds to me that a Deptford food crawl/trawl is in order. So many places and it's only really round the corner from me! Thanks for another great heads up.

        2. Do you know if it is open at night and weekends? Can't wait to try it.

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          1. re: cathodetube

            I' m not sure about nights, but it was open on the marriage bank holiday. It was not open on the other bank holidays, though. I don't know if that's indicative of their Sunday hours. I'll take a photo of their times if I walk by today.

            1. re: cathodetube

              I asked and apparently she opens roughly 12/12.30-8pm or so. She said business is never particularly fast which is why she didn't bother to open up for the May Day bank holiday, so I dunno whether I'd take that as standard practice or whatever.

            2. The owner's going to be be running an open day with a wider assortment of Trini food sometime in the near future. Probably in June. I'll post the date for people when I get it through and though I won't be in the country it'd likely be a good Chowdown idea.

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              1. re: JFores

                Went there about 3 pm last Sunday and they weren't open. Gate in halfway down postion. Shame. Where is the beigel/bagel place mentioned?

                1. re: cathodetube

                  About a block up the road to the right. It also advertises African food as it basically has two separate restaurants running behind one counter. Knock when the gate is halfway down. The owner tends to disappear to the back or go on shopping trips throughout the day.

                  1. re: JFores

                    Do you mean knock on Chaconia or the other place? At Chaconia, the lights were all off and I couldn't read the opening times due to gate being in the way.

                    1. re: cathodetube

                      Chaconia. They should've been open. The woman in there is lovely and her cooking is great but she runs the place like a hobby and it can get a bit annoying.