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May 3, 2011 10:22 AM

The Little Dog

I've been going pretty much daily on my way home for work, I love this new spot! The coney was on point, and had a chicago dog as well, glad to have this new joint in the hood.

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    1. Hot dog steamie!!! Thanks for sharing!

      1. They're cheap. That's it.

        Holding out for Japa Dog...

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          keep holding, i've been waiting 5 years

        2. I am going to qualify this upfront, I was only interested in getting a coney (island style) dog, as it was referenced in the article in Post City...

          Went yesterday after work, and the "coney" dog was disastrous.

          First, one of the two guys working there had never heard of a coney; the other guy had to explain what it was.

          I asked for a Nathan's weiner. Now, I've had a lot of Nathans hotdogs, and I am 90% sure this was not a Nathans. It didn't have the snap or the shape of a Nathans, and if I had to guess it sure seemed like your run-of-the-mill Shoppsy's.

          The chili they used was good, but it sure wasn't the kind you put on a hotdog: it was like homestyle chili. Maybe they should switch off of hotdogs and just sell chili.

          Oh, and the hotdog came to over $5.00. For something that tasted remarkably like a streetdog with some chili on it. Not going back.

          1. Was just down in the area and noticed this place tonight. Still open after 11 on a Sunday and there were a few people in there.

            Any word on the fries or poutine? Drag to hear the Nathan's was possibly not a Nathan's. The skinless ones don't really have much of a snap. But they still have an intense, beef flavour that would set it apart from a Shopsy's or streetmeat.