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May 3, 2011 10:03 AM

Between Media and Newtown Square

I have relocation clients settling on a house off Providence Road and Bishop Hollow Rds. I like to give my folks a gift certificate at closing for either a nice dinner in the area or take-out (it all depends on factors like length of move, kids, etc.) These folks would probably really appreciate pizza or something easy for their first night in the new house, but I don't know what's good for take-out in that area. Any recommendations for pizza, Chinese, hoagies, cheesesteaks, etc.? They'll be finding their way around a totally new area, with three kids under 10, so something that won't get them too lost or harried would be ideal!

I've found that even if take-out places don't usually have gift certs., they'll make an exception once I explain it.

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  1. There are alot of good places in the Newtown Square/Edgemont area.

    My suggestions would be for Teikouku (japanese/thai dine in) which is off of West Chester Pike (main road; can't be missed).

    For italian eat-in, La Locanda and Trattoria Guiseppe isn't bad either (both on West Chester Pike).

    For good italian take out, Luigi & Giovanni have excellent tomato pies and sandwiches. A Cut Above Deli and Soprano's Deli, both also have notable sandwiches for take out.

    Thunderbird in Broomall makes one of the best cheesesteaks within the Broomall/Newtown Square area.

    For good pizza, I would suggest Fresco's .

    There's also Captain Chucky's for amazing seafood to make at home :

    Hope this helps

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      I like some of these options but not all.

      Teikoku has good food but incredibly slow service, tough with 3 young kids.

      We have had 2 bad meals at La Locanda (one time they brought the wrong food and wouldn't correct it and tried to charge us anyway)..haven't been back

      Giuseppe is a great idea as well as L&G, Cut Above and Chucky's.

      Cafe Fresco is another good rec as well and nearest, I think, maybe to their house.

      In addition the Chinese Takeout in the Acme shopping center near 252 and 30 is okay.

      A little different idea...a gift basket.. I've heard that there is new Great Harvest Bread at Route 252 and Route 3. Haven't been to that one but have been the recipient of GHB gift baskets in NJ and it was full of lots of yummy, fun breads to munch on. Might be something the kids would really like as they unpack. Just a thought.

      1. re: cook262

        That's a great idea. Depending on who I'm working with and what time the move is, I've done bagel baskets with coffee, for people who are meeting the movers there early.

        1. re: cook262

          Watch it! My son is a waiter , and occasional bartender, at Teikoku. He does his best to service all his tables as efficiently as possible. Having said that, I would recommend Azie, in Media, to the original poster. Sister restaurant to Teikoku. Definitely avoid La Locanda. We didn't nickname it "La Locrapa" for nothing.

          1. re: Rondo

            Well, Rondo, I apologize and probably should have stated that 'It's been at least 2 years since we've eaten at Teikoku but when we were there, we enjoyed the food but the kitchen was slow in getting food out." At the time, we realized that the delays were the kitchen, not the servers, and gave the waiters good tips as we could tell it wasn't their fault. Two years later, things may have greatly changed and perhaps the wait for food has improved.

            1. re: Rondo

              Now that I think about it, I haven't been to La Locanda in forever (3-4 yrs) and alot can change during that time. I take back that recommendation there and add Fellini's in Media. My go to Italian places around there have been Guiseppe's and Fellini's. Carmine's in the Acme shopping center isn't bad to accomodate a family dinner for pizza/finger food.

              There are many other great restaurants in the area in Paoli/Berwyn/Media, but back to OP request, they asked for places that wouldn't be hard to find. Most of the places I listed are all on the same road (West Chester Pike)

              +1 for La Fourno on 252

        2. Very good cheesesteaks, wood fired oven pizza, and some Italian dishes: La Forno in Media on Providence Rd. (Rt. 252). Pinocchio's for pizza in Media - fun for kids, especially when they give the kids some pizza dough to play with as you wait for your pizza.
          Burgers: Wimpy's on Providence Rd. (Rt. 252)