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May 3, 2011 09:59 AM

Where can I buy red chard in Fife?

The title says it all really. I am looking for red chard (or any variety really) and I can only seem to get the baby chard you would put in a salad. I am looking for the huge deep green leafs which I became addicted to in the States. I am in Fife, but am in the Glasgow area every few weeks. All the local fruit and veg shops don't seem to have a clue where to get it from.

I am really missing it. Also, do we get ramps in Scotland? If anywhere knows where I can get them then that would be cool.

Many thanks

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  1. If you're in Glasgow you can try the Blochairn fruit and veg market. If you can't get it there you wont get it anywhere.

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    1. re: stilldontknow

      Actually stilldont know, can the general public go to Blochairn? Ithought it was just trade only...

      1. re: alisonk

        True but if you give them a bell they might be able to let you know who they supply to. There's also a very good retail market on a Sunday.

    2. I've never heard of ramps - had to google what it is! I'm guessing its not made its way here yet. As for red chard, i googled red chard fife and came up with this

      Have a chat with the people at Pillars of Hercules and other farm shops. If its a farm shop only type thing then it will only be around in season which I don't think it is yet.

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        Thanks stilldontknow for the suggestion of the market in Glasgow. I will def make an effort to go.

        Orchidalbion - I have been to Ardross several times, they are pretty awesome, but only sell baby chard in boxes for salads :-( I will look up Pillars of Hercules and see what they say.

        I can well believe ramps are not available here , though I am sure somewhere you must be able to forage for them - we get loads of wild garlic, right - why not wild leeks..?

        Thanks for the help, I will let you know how I get on

        1. re: alisonk

          I'd agree about Pillars of Hercules, and Bellfield who do the Falkirk, Edinburgh and Glasgow farmers markets are likely to have some although it’s maybe a bit early I've not had any in my veg box so far this year. It's pretty easy to grow (if you keep the pigeons off) although you'll need a fair sized area to get beyond the salad stage, both ruby and orange chard can be used as architectural plants in a garden just keep them watered or they bolt. As for ramps, the only one’s I’ve bought labelled as such (at the Edinburgh Framers market) turn out to be ramsons, although I’ve seen a recipe from Geoff Smeddle of the Peat Inn using them in risotto, so it is possible they can be foraged in Fife.

      2. Not sure about buying it does not seem like a main stream thing to buy. If you have a garden though its easy to grow and seeds only cost £2