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May 3, 2011 09:17 AM

Trader Joe's to open in Austin?

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  1. I submit that the stillborn Hong Kong Market (formerly Randall's) on Parmer at Metric would be an ideal location...for me.

    1. I'm going to beg them to take over the former Borders spots.

      1. If Whole Foods ever moves to the Domain, their old Gateway location would make sense size-wise and target demo-wise.

        1. I believe there's not a TF's anywhere in Texas. If so, would it make sense that they start in Austin? Their website has a spot for upcoming stores.

          1. hope this is true; it seems there is a rumor every year.

            i moved here 6 years ago, and had a TJs around the corner from my house.
            having shopped at many of them in new england, i think the borders and old supermarket spots (randall's or albertson's, take your pick) are too large for them.

            the ones in boston were a mix of urban and suburban.
            i could see them plonking down pretty much anywhere.

            not sure how soon they will come to austin, though.
            it's the same problem as in 'n' out--
            they have regional distro hubs so would need to build one within a certain range of all the stores they open.

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              Eh - you are right that the abandoned spots might be too big. Hmmmm....Blockbusters? Wm Cannon and Brodie! Orrrrrr...... Escarpment Place must have openings. Maybe they should just take over Sprouts, since they and Sunflower will likely pack up and leave when TJs arrives!