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May 3, 2011 08:43 AM

New food truck in Uptown Charlotte - Roots

I am sitting at my desk thoroughly enjoying my grass fed carne asada tacos from the newest food truck in Uptown Charlotte. Roots (with the tag line set up camp in the parking lot at the corner of 3rd and Tryon (the lot next door to Latta Arcade). These are the same folks who started selling at Atherton Market a few weeks back too.

Today's choices were a locally grown greenhouse tomato (that was beautiful) on toasted bread from Nova's, the aforementioned tacos, a side of fresh picked straberries served whole or a small salad with their own vinaigrette.

If everything else tastes as good as these tacos, they will make it!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Hazardnc, thanks for posting this! It's only 7am but i want to eat what you've described right now. That sounds divine!

    1. I just discovered this food truck today. Those grass-fed burger sliders were outrageously good. Best beef patties I've had since the burgers at Watts Grocery in Durham. Regret that I missed out on the North Carolina pompano tacos yesterday.

      Everything is sourced locally. A true farm-to-table operation. Looks like they are at the corner of 3rd and Tryon on Tuesday-Thursday.