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Late in life mustard lover here!

I know this is going to sound strange to you all but I am a late in life mustard lover now(almost 48 years old)! Growing up as a kid I hated mustard but the last few years I have discovered my new food love. Roly Poly wrap sandwich shop has a spicy honey mustard they serve with their wraps that has really got me going lately me. Today I even had that mustard on a turkey sandwich. I know that sounds odd to you guys but as a kid growing up I hated everything! Who ever thought of mustard on turkey...LOL. Anyway, what are some of you favorite things to put mustard on and any particular brands I should be trying? Thanks!

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  1. Here is a thread that should give you some ideas...my personal favorite is Trader Joe's Sweet Hot Mustard. At the time that I posted in the thread below, they had discontinued it, but it has come back to life.


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      I just "discovered" TJs whole grain mustard. I can eat it right out of the jar - just tiny amounts :)

    2. I'm partial to the hotter varieties, like Maille brand Dijon mustard, which is pretty commonly available. The plain (creamy, yellow-brown) version is hotter than the whole grain one. Good English mustard is also quite hot.

      I don't see the point of sweetened mustards, but that's just my palate.

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        "I don't see the point of sweetened mustards, but that's just my palate."

        Yours and mine both.

        I like just about every kind of non-sweet mustard with the exception of French's type. Never has appealed to me.

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          I made mustard for Christmas gifts a couple years ago and used cranberry lambic and sweetened dried cranberries in it. I'm not normally a fan of sweet mustard myself but the tartness with the spice was great. But yeah, commercially sweetened mustard, particularly honey-mustard dips and the like, are pretty universally heinous.

        2. If you can find it, Edmond Fallot mustards have to be just about the Holy Grail.

          They're made in Beaune, France (close to Dijon) -- and their mustards are just jaw-dropping.

          My favorite is their pain d'epice (gingerbread!) -- sounds totally bizarre, but on bratwurst and raclette it's da bomb.

          Pommery Moutarde de Meaux is also pretty good stuff.

          1. welcome to the club! :) a few other threads with recommendations that will occupy your mustard-loving taste buds for quite some time...


            1. I've also learned to add a good deal more mustard into hot sauces than I would have in the past. I never realized that heat "tamed" mustard. My favorite use for the honey mustard is as a dipping sauce for asparagus that have been wrapped in proscuitto dipped in batter and friend until crunchy. Heavenly.

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                do you make this at home? what's in the batter?

              2. Cape Cod Cranberry Mustard

                1. make sure you plan a trip to south-central Wisconsin!


                  1. Try the Maille unpasteurized, France only in Dijon and Paris. First thing l do when l get to France is fill my jar at a Maille shop.

                    1. This link is too deliciously funny, so I am reposting.....


                      Kosciusko is the only one I am tempted to eat straight out of the jar, but even it doesn't work with all foods.

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                        That is hysterical! And dangerously familiar-sounding...

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                          Yes, especially the part about irritability...... Chowhound, feed thyself!

                      2. ok, I just had some Robert Rothschild raspberry wasabi dipping mustard, I like it but wish it had more kick. I don't taste much raspberry in it though and I am kinda glad.

                        1. I mostly use Guildman's Spicy Brown Mustard. I've been using it a lot with fish to give it some flavor.

                          1. I too came to love mustard later in life -- definitely after college. So I skipped over the bright-yellow French's phase and went right into more sophisticated mustards like many mentioned in this thread. I think Tiger Sauce and Shedd's Sauce were my gateway condiments.

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                              The one and only thing that I will eat French's on is a scrambled egg sandwich. It's my grandma's fault.

                              Other than that, my faves are the whole-grain mustards....I like Dijon (and go through buckets of it for mayo and salad dressing) , but love the rustic stuff.

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                                sunshine! Major childhood memory alert with the French's on an egg sandwich. :D Although I blame my mother, and I now use dijon. ;)

                            2. If you like horseradish, you HAVE to try Silver Spring's Beer 'n Brat mustard. It is simply the best mustard I've ever had. It is AMAZING. According to the website, it is "a four-time Gold Medal Winner at the Napa Valley Mustard Festival." I believe it!

                              1. Ok, I'm liking Boar's Head delicatessen style mustard with white wine and it also has horseradish in it...yumm yumm!

                                1. Love mustard. Have always loved mustard.

                                  Welcome to the fold. :-)

                                  I've always enjoyed a good strong mustard (must be the bit of me that's German), but no particular brand has stuck out. I read this a little while back:


                                  and the light came on. Making your own mustard is "stupid easy." The ingredients are ridiculously cheap. And then you can make it *just* how you like it - hot, sweet, herbaceous, or all of the above.