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May 3, 2011 07:11 AM

vital wheat gluten!

woo hoo - i just got a box of this and am thinking about all the possibilities... i'm now seeing recipes all over the place for using it as a binder in veggie burgers, using it to coat meat for pan-frying, etc...

but the primary use (and why i bought it) is to see if i can't get some more puff to my virtually entirely whole wheat breads, AND to make them higher protein if possible.

my question is, recipes just say "add 1 T per cup of flour". do i need to subtract an equivalent amount of flour so the dry ingredients stay the same? do i need to add more liquid to compensate?

and if you have any interesting tips or ideas for what to do with this seemingly amazing new ingredient, i'd love to hear...


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  1. I bet you will love the results you get using this for whole wheat bread. I use about a tablespoon per cup of whole wheat flour, just as you said, and my bread comes out really nice and bouffie (like a bouffant hairdo!) I can't tell you if I subtracted it from the flour total or not, since I experimented and made up my own recipe for my bread machine. But I would try subtracting it from the flour total and see how that works. It's excellent stuff for whole grain bread. I've never used it for anything else, though.

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