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May 3, 2011 07:05 AM

French Quarter Cafe

Apparently opened yesterday in the former Mama Roux's location. I hope to try it this week. I enjoyed the food at Mama Roux's so maybe this'll be a good cajun replacement.

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  1. Interesting...look forward to your report!

    1. Not sure if you saw this but apparently it is being opened by Dave Gore was "the right-hand man to Michael Amr at Mama Roux for many years" according to Rob Balon.

      Thanks for putting this out there. I'm very interested to try it.

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      1. re: missmitzi

        Did see that and am hopeful the food will be just as good. Gonna try and check it out tomorrow night if all goes well!

      2. Checked it out last night. They had opened Monday at lunch (will be closed Sundays and for dinner on Monday) and will wait to start advertising til they work out some kinks. The decor is class New Orleans and a little less Mardi Gras than Mama Roux's was. Many of the Mama Roux's employees are back and the new chefs and manager have worked at Gumbo's Round Rock. Service was good and the manager spent quite a while with us asking for ways to improve, critiques, etc. Very eager to please and I think this place can make a go of it!
        They had just gotten their liquor license that day but will be expanding the wine selection this week.

        The rolls they bring to start were nothing special and could easily be run of the mill bulk items. I would have loved some crusty french bread. They did provide house herbed-butter but it was bit strong on the onion for me.

        We split a cup of the crawfish gumbo which had a dark roux like I favor but I would have liked it to be a tad thicker. It was almost a broth consistency. Gumbo is a very personal taste and hard to please the masses in my opinion.

        I had the Trout Ponchatrain which was small thin portion of fish topped with a brown butter sauce with shrimp and crab meat. It came with corn medley and mashed potatoes. Neither side did much for me. My entree was good, but didn't wow me.

        BF had the Tilapia Imperial with dirty rice (good!) and the same corn. The large piece of fish was very well cooked and topped with a crab cake type topping. There was a tomato based sauce on the side that was off putting at first only because it was unexpected. I was ready for a creole type sauce and this was sweet, similar to an italian suace. It got better with each bite, but was just different from what I imagined when I saw it.

        For dessert we had the homemade blueberry cheesecake. I usually skip dessert, but this was GREAT. Highlight of the meal topped with a blueberry puree!

        We will definitely go back and know that they are truly working to give us a WOW experience.

        Go check it out and see what you think!

        1. they just got added to, if anyone's interested.

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          1. Has anyone been lately? I'm looking for good local spots to enjoy my Fish Friday's until Easter... the menu looks great but these posts are pretty old. Trying Zed's today.

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              I still go at least once a month. They do lots of groupons and things too so it makes it really affordable. Food is still great!

              1. re: Rene

                It' s a nice restaurant. I'm a fan of the place, but it' s a little pricey. They should really extend the cheaper lunch items to dinner. I like the po boy and I don't dig seafood. Zed's is decent, I like the pot pie.

                1. re: Rene

                  rene, if you are looking for things northwest, you should also try noble pig's creole catfish and stuffed cajun meat market's fried fish poboys and platters.
                  both are lunch only, however,

                  1. re: dinaofdoom

                    Big fan of Stuffed and Noble Pig. I do plan on Stuffed for next Friday but had no idea Noble Pig was doing a fish dish. NICE!

                    The Fish and Chips at Zed's were very good today and I would gladly recommend... 1st time and really enjoyed.