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May 3, 2011 06:39 AM

Mombassa Spice

Does anyone know where I can get Mombassa Spice in NJ? and if so have you used it before.

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  1. Mombasa peppers, are also known as Piri Piri peppers. They are chili peppers similar to cayenne, only much, much hotter. In fact they are considered some of the hottest. World Spice Merchants sells a Piri Piri spice blend for $2.00/2oz.

    I have not come across mombasa chili peppers in powder form or piri piri locally and if I don't have the blend I sub cayenne powder in my recipes.

    1. There is a African grocery store in New brunswick you could try there.

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        Know it well, last time I called there they did not carry Mombassa spice. Here's the info:

        O & B African
        25 Elizabeth Street
        New Brunswick, NJ 08901-3497
        (732) 846-6623

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          There is also that spice catalog. I think it is called Pensey's.

          1. re: Spaetzle75

            Penzey's doesn't carry either piri piri or mombasa spice blend.

      2. I use Mombasa all the time for cooking crabs and I do a lot of crabbing. I like them hot and I go heavy on the pepper. No matter how hot you like them the pepper will not send you running for the fire hose.
        I put 2 tablespoons into the pot with 5 or 6 dozen crabs. I also use the bay water we catch them in and add 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 tsp's Old Bay, Red pepper flakes, garlic and 2 bottles of beer and a couple shakes of Crystal hot sauce. I know this sounds hot, but like I say it wont burn you. Once you use it you won't use want anything else. I go to South Philly for mine and get it at the Spice Corner, you can buy online or phone for about $2 for 2 oz. I buy it in the powder form. 215 627 0895 or

        1. I've heard that they are available in Newark, in some of the Portuguese stores...

          1. I got the powder form from one of the spice markets in Philly.....try 9th Street or in ReadingTerminal market.....hope you find some!!