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May 2, 2011 09:46 PM

HELP! Italy itinerary - Bologna, Naples, and Amalfi Coast

Hello all, I've been looking at posts for the last couple weeks trying to finalize my itinerary for Italy for the last week of May and was hoping for some feedback/suggestions, especially for breakfast anywhere, lunch in Pompei/Mt Vesuvius and meals on the Amalfi Coast/Capri. Thanks in advance!

May 20 (Friday) – BOLOGNA
Dinner - Da Gianni (closed Sundays)

May 21 (Saturday) - BOLOGNA (Maybe Parma?)
Lunch - Tamburini
Dinner - Da Cesari (closed Sundays) or Drogheria della Rosa (closed Sunday, no lunch)

May 22 (Sunday) – BOLOGNA/NAPLES
Lunch - Teresina
Dinner - Hosteria Toledo

May 23 (Monday) - NAPLES/MT VESUVIUS
Lunch - Osteria Viva lo Re,Herculaneum (closed Monday?)
Dinner - L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele (Mon-Sat 8am-11pm) or Mattozzi L'Europeo (closed Sunday)

Lunch - Di Matteo (Mon-Sat 9 am-12am) or Pizzeria Sorbillo, (closed Sundays)
Dinner - Il Ritrovo, Positano (closed Wednesday)

May 25 (Wednesday) – POSITANO/AMALFI
Lunch - Ristorante Santa Croce, Nocelle or Al Convento, Cetara (closed Tuesday/Weds?)
Dinner - 'a Paranza, Atrani (closed Tuesday)

May 26 (Thursday) –POSITANO/ CAPRI

Lunch - OPEN
Dinner - OPEN

May 27 (Friday) – CAPRI/ NAPLES
Lunch - OPEN
Dinner - Pizzeria Da Michele or Pizzeria Trianon

Da Michele
Via Cesare Sersale, 1, Naples, Campania 80139, IT

Via dei Tribunali, 32, Naples, Campania , IT

Di Matteo
Via Tribunali, 94, Naples, Campania , IT

Via P. Colletta 46, Naples, Campania 80139, IT

Piazza Carita, 2, Naples, Campania , IT

Al Convento
Piazza San Francesco, 16, Cetara, Campania 84010, IT

Il Ritrovo
Via Montepertuso, 77, Positano, Campania 84017, IT

Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 4, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 40126, IT

Hosteria Toledo
Vico Giardinetto, 78, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

Da Cesari
Via de' Carbonesi, 8, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna 40123, IT

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  1. Viva Lo Re is indeed closed Monday. I dont know how you are getting down to the Amalfi Coast but it might make sense for you to take a day (Tues) to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum on the way down to the AC, - you could then also visit Viva Lo Re, which is very enjoyable and has a great wine selection.. Naples (food and sights) is very much worth some time on its own.

    If you cannot switch your day, there are some Pompeii recommendations on our Restaurant page. Information on closing dates should also appear

    Hostaria Toledo is a very good choice for your dinner in Naples. You seem to be focussed mainly on Pizza - I would suggest you look at prior posts for current pizza and dining reccs by Chowhounds in Napoli. I personally like Sorbillo and di Matteo very much but there are other choices. What part of Naples are you planning to stay in? Different restaurants may be recommendable based on your location. You can also get some idea of what is convenient inputting your hotel address in the Restaurant page mapping function. Ciro a Santa Brigida and Stanza del Gusto are a couple of dining places I would recommend from our experience but there are many others. I would also recommend Katie Parla's blog to give you a feel for the excellent Naples dining possibilities on the cheap..

    note, in Naples Mattozzi is a different restaurant than Europeo di Mattozzi - see recent review on the latter.

    hoe you get up to Ravello on the AC - it is uniquely beautiful and has some good restaurants (see prior posts)
    Adding links.

    Europeo di Mattozzi
    Via Marchese Campidisola 4, Naples , IT

    La Stanza del Gusto
    Via Santa Maria di Constantinopoli 100, Naples, Campania , IT

    A' Paranza
    Via Dragone 1/2, Atrani, Campania 84010, IT

    Viva Lo Re
    Corso Resina 261, Ercolano, Campania 80056, IT

    Ciro a Santa Brigida
    Via Santa Brigida, 71, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

    Santa Croce di Patrucci
    Via Nocelle 19, Positano, Campania 84017, IT

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    1. re: jen kalb

      In Naples go to Hosteria Toledo...excellent meal and reasonable. Try to get to Parma and eat at Tribunale...have the pasta with was incredible.

      1. re: ncara

        Jen, ncara, thanks for your replies.

        We are staying at Piazza Bellini (near National Archaeological Museum) in Naples. I did see the previous post on Europeo di Mattozzi but since I was so focused on pizza, i didn't have many options for classic napoli restaurants, so thanks for your additional recommendations.

        In regards to stopping on pompei on the way to AC, I was really more worried about carrying all our luggage with us. Is it safe to store luggage at the Naples central train station? I was really hoping to hit up Viva Lo Re since its so revered on CH.

        Also, thanks for the Parma recommendation, I'm still debating what I would do over there for half a day but glad we now know of a good place. Thanks!

        Europeo di Mattozzi
        Via Marchese Campidisola 4, Naples , IT

        Viva Lo Re
        Corso Resina 261, Ercolano, Campania 80056, IT

        1. re: klaw

          I tnink there is a place where you can leave luggage at the entrance to the Pompeii scavi. That is something you could research. Viva Lo Re (think of it as a very nice wine bar with food very good but not really a destination restaurant) is a bit of a trek from the Ercolano train station maybe 20-30 min walk along the streets. If you dont want to go to Herculaneum site (its really interesting, for an hour or two, again, check to see if they have luggage storage but I dont know whether the train station does) I dont really see viva Lo Re as logical - there is plenty of exellent eating on the Amalfi coast and several in Pompeii town as well.

          If you are at Piazza Bellini, you are really close to La Stanza del Gusto (with its "cheese bar" annex, to Cantina di via Sapienza (lunch only, simple tasty fare). Sorbillo and di Matteo, as well as many others.

          As far as Parma is concerned, it has an amazing cathedral-baptistery ensemble. some fine art attractions and its a very pleasant, prosperous town over all, that makes it worth a mornings visit in addition to the food.

          Trattoria del Tribunale
          Vicolo Politi, 5, Parma, PR 43100, IT

          La Stanza del Gusto
          Via Santa Maria di Constantinopoli 100, Naples, Campania , IT

          Cantina di Via Sapienza
          Via della Sapieza 40-41, Naples, Campania , IT

          Viva Lo Re
          Corso Resina 261, Ercolano, Campania 80056, IT

    2. Regarding Bologna, you might find Tamburini really quite touristy. I think it is a great idea to go shopping, at Tamuburini and the neighboring shops, but take your food to the Osterial al Sole and eat it there. You need to buy a glass of wine at Osteral al Sole, but that's all.

      Or head to Parma. You should arrive in Parma before lunch if you wish to see the bapistery.