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May 2, 2011 09:07 PM

Lunch Hastings Park

Hi, I'm a sports writer from Montreal and would like to sandwich a chowich and reasonably priced lunch (say around $20-25 just for food, expense account you know) in between the Whitecaps and the Impact practice tomorrow. I'll have around 2h to eat and have a car. They hold practice at Empire Field in Hastings Park. Anything interesting not too very far from there? Interested in mostly anything but sushi and, I know it's blasphemy here, fish and seafood. Just not into that. I'd also skip indian as I'm planning to hit Rangoli tomorrow night. Other than that, anything goes. Thanks for your help and Go Canucks!

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  1. Mediterranean might be of interest to you.

    From Empire Stadium, go east along Hastings St and in < 5 mins you'll be in Burnaby. There you will find an Italian-presenced neighbourhood. Perhaps a worthy (and quick) lunch spot is Chez Meme Baguette Bistro:

    (read the blog post reviews):


    Its dominantly French by influence but you will also find some Mediterranean flavours creeping in there. Hope that works for your schedule.

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      Thanks, this sounds about right. Nothing too different than what I'm used to but good chow and that's all it matters.

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        And a good croque monsieur is never hard to find in Vieux Montreal :-)