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Nashville - Sunday night dinner but not City house??

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What is the best restaurant in Nashville for Sunday night dinner? I'm coming in with two super foodie friends, but for boring reasons, we're doing City House on Saturday night, and I'm desperate for a Sunday night dinner place. Absolutely the best food, we like interesting, inventive food, no steak houses.


City House
1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

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  1. Unfortunately, most places worthy of a recommendation will be closed Sunday.

    Rumba would be a start, here’s a link to their menu.


    The newly revamped Merchants downtown with new executive chef Jason Brumm from the former Radius10 should give you some nice options, they will be open Sunday night.

    I hate that you’re missing Sunday supper at City House.

    City House
    1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

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      One last recommendation….

      Arnold Myint of top chef fame runs a place called ChaCha, you'll probably find the most creative options here for Sunday night. I believe he does a 5, 7, and 9 course tasting with advance notice.

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        Another excellent suggestion, ChahCha is da bomb.

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          I can't find Chacha on goggle. What is there address?

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            2013 Belmont Blvd.

    2. I agree, Sunday night is tough.

      My pick would be Capitol Grille. Gorgeous space in a gorgeous historic hotel. Food isn't edgy but really, really, really good, much of it grown on their own farm. Chefs there have a real passion for their craft. The service is excellent as well.

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        Excellent, thanks for your help! One of the Chahcha tastings looks perfect for this group. Another question while I have you: I need a place for dinner Friday night for a large group (10 people), late (9pm), preferably a place where we could start eating and drinking before everyone arrives, as we'll all be arriving at varying points in the evening. I booked Flyte, but am now thinking Merchants downstairs might be better. Thoughts?

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          I would do Flyte over Merchants. Other options: Eastland Cafe, Watermark, Whiskey Kitchen, Virago, Bound'ry, Sunset Grille, and Cabana. Keep in mind that a lot of restaurants, even upscale ones, close the kitchen at 10 (or 11 on Fri). Some places stay open later but switch to a late-night menu. If you want something sure to be open late, Bound'ry, Sunset Grille, and Cabana are best bets.

      2. I'd say 1808 Grille, if you want good and inventive. <http://www.1808grille.com/> They're open Sunday night until 9:30.

        1. Check out Fish & Co located in the trendy 12 South neighborhood and run by james Beard Best Chef southeast Louis Osteen. Terrific rawbar and great lowcountry specialaties

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            ... says his wife

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              ouch. agreed, TLF.