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May 2, 2011 06:44 PM

Citrus Substitution for Tangerine in Semifreddo

I want to make the Tangerine Semifreddo with Salted Almond Brittle from the epicurious website. I actually already made the brittle before realizing tangerines are no longer available for me here.

Any issue with just using oranges or possibly clementines? If I were making a cake, I would not think twice...but I've never made semifreddo and feel like I should seek guidance!

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  1. can you find tangelos? they're all over the place here, even at regular supermarkets. and they're already seedless... and delicious.

    i'd sub clementines personally.

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    1. re: nothingswrong

      No tangelos either, at least at the store I shopped today. Perhaps I will try another...

      1. re: bte576

        Maybe try orange juice with a little lime juice in a 2:1 ratio; that combo might give you a reasonably close tangerine flavor.

        Citrus from Florida, including tangerines, is at the end or way past the growing season now. Limes from who knows where, maybe Mexico, seem to be in plentiful supply now and oranges are always available.

        1. re: bushwickgirl

          Thanks for the advice...I am starting to second guess this dessert choice now, but if I follow through I will definitely post how it goes.

          1. re: bte576

            Orange juice should be fine -- maybe grate a little of the peel in and let it steep for awhile then strain. You might also see if you can find frozen concentrated tangerine juice.

          2. re: bushwickgirl

            that sounds delicious and perfect for the weather--with the lime juice. i'd maybe try that anyway, even though i've got tangelos and tangerines here...

      2. That recipe is fantastic. I've made it several times. Clementines or a combination of them with oranges are fine. Just use anything flavorful. I've used zest from one type and juice from another.

        I've been thinking about trying it with grapefruit.

        You don't have those "cuties" right now? Little tangerines sold in bulk. I'm not sure where they come from but they are in all the stores in northern california.

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        1. re: eel

          We do have cuties...but I really think I've abandoned doing this dessert for now....but I will try it eventually for sure. I was struggling with a wine pairing for it, so now I'm going in another direction.

          Thanks for the help though.