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May 2, 2011 06:36 PM

Saffron Garden in Sunnyside

Just got takeout from Saffron Garden which opened today on Skillman Avenue. It replaced what used to be Basmati Table. Let me start by saying that I have little experience with Indian food. That being said, I really enjoyed my meal.

My wife and I split the chicken tikka and aloo papri chat for appetizers. The chicken tikka had a decent amount of kick and was very tender and juicy. The chat was delicious, but I was hoping for more potatoes. I had the lamb vindaloo which I thought was really good. Not as spicy as I expected it to be, but I've thought that each of the few times I tried vindaloo. My wife had the aloo gobi, which she really enjoyed. I really don't like cauliflower, so I can't really say if I thought this was good or not.

They have a pretty big menu with a lot of stuff I've never heard of. I'm looking forward to trying some new dishes.

Basmati Table
46-11 Skillman Ave, Queens, NY 11104

Saffron Garden
46-11 Skillman Ave, Queens, NY 11104

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  1. My wife and I tried Saffron last night, and found it better than Basmati Table, but not as good as Curry Point.
    We had chicken tikka, which was a little fatty. We had the sag panner, which was a little too creamy. I though the garlic naan was a little short on garlic.
    The meat samosas were yummy though.
    Again, this is all compared to Curry Point, which, I guess, will stay our got to for take out.

    Curry Point
    41-02 Greenpoint Ave, Queens, NY 11104

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      what is good at curry point?--oh forget it..just saw their inspection...not for me, thanks

      1. re: janie

        Janie, if you order delivery, you don't see the inspection, that's the trick. Anyway, I've tried Saffron since, and I like it more. Their appetizer + entree deals are good.