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Ace Bakery Products, YYC

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One of the things I missed most moving to Calgary was Ace Bakery products. They quite simply make bread and related items that are amongst the best I have ever had. Every one of their products in fact is stellar, and very fairly priced, in particular when I compare similar products made by Calgary bakeries which I usually find comparatively expensive. Ace also wraps their bread in waxy paper sleeves, so all crusts are like rapping a tabletop and not wrapped in plastic wrap and like Wonder Bread, which again I find so many local bakeries do.

Here is a link to their products:


Anyway, to cut to the chase, the Superstore at Shawnessey seems to be test marketing some Ace products, several different loaves, that are being store baked, and they are as stellar as I remember.

The reason I say "test market" is that I also went today to the Superstore south of Southland and Ace was not being sold there, hence my test market conclusion.

Go there, buy some, this is something that you won't regret. Your only regret will be if the test fails.

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  1. I agree with you Bill! My sister lives in Toronto and whenever I visit her I make sure she loads me up on Ace Bread. I haven't found one I didn't like! I gave up on ever eating it here, so I will go to Shawnessey and see if I can get my fix! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Several different Ace breadsat the Edgemont Superstore. Olive oval is YUM and much better than their old olive miche.

      1. I just bought a still warm Ace white baguette at the Sunridge SS, based on this post. It is delicious with a really good chew. I also like the PC baked in store baguettes, I love to do a taste test with some from a good bakery like Manuel Latruwe.

        1. ACE bakery bread also available in Medicine Hat superstore. As I used to live in Ottawa, this was the only bread to buy. I was THRILLED to see it locally. Bought 2 rosemary foccacia and they were delicious. Good work Superstore

          1. I was at the Stuporstore south of Southland and Mcleod on Tuesday and they had still warm rosemary foccacia and I passed up on it. I should have picked it up as I am sure the bread would not have disappointed. But having al; that bread to myself is a dangerous thing. The foccacia made me want to make some down home italian fare and I am not really fond of Italian in the first place. I hope Superstore keeps up with the product as just based on smell and sight alone I was wanting to buy it so I could cuddle the bread.