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May 2, 2011 05:27 PM

So NJ BBQ Crawl ChowHounders Wtd

Looking to gather a group of CH`s for group BBQ crawl,checking out 3-5 roadside stands & shops featuring BBQ.Figure on departing southern Ocean County area,can meet at GSP rest stops for car pooling gas savings.I have a hit list of 15-20 bbq I ultimately wish to try,with those that can appreciate food & adventure,all are welcome pls lmk your interest. (Am also doing a few other like themeson other foods in these parts)

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  1. I'm interested. Have wanted to do this for a long time.


    1. Interested but couldn't give an answer without a definite date & time.


      1. I could be interested, depending on details. Which 3-5 were you thinking? I kind of want to try Christine's House of Kingfish.

        1. I figured the dates would be per everyone`s schedule. (PS if thats the johnandlisa are eating in sj bloggers I am humbled I read you all the time).Yes chuck98 did you peak at my list,lol? Christines is on there for 1 of the proposed routes.The routes I am calling `bbq trails` like wine trails would be.Due to fuel craziness I am trying to map out the most sensible fuel economies within a given trail.It`s combination of actual dyed in the wool bbq joints,roadside stands and some places I was told to try that may be full line restaurants but with some sort of noteable bbq. And yes,I do understand that NJ isn`t ground zero for bbq,however it`s where I live so I figure make the best of it.I am going to get a blog together for my `trail` concept (3 s NJ bbq trails),as well as othrr thematic food crawls (pierogi/kielbasi run was great last year).I am mostly staying within so nj/nj shore/sw nj as there is so much going on up North NJ,and not enough foodie things here,so I am putting the call out to my fellow sj foodies and share a few road trips.Any sugegstions for my trails pls lmk I`m trying to map it all out now and will coordinate with all interested on dates thanks

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            Thanks for following the blog! We appreciate all of our readers.

            I have been wanting to do a BBQ trail of South Jersey for a couple of years now, so let me know what your ideas are. I have a couple of non-Chowhounds that might be interested in coming as well (one's a Philly food blogger).


            1. re: johnandlisa

              Sorry have been running around. I have come up with a list and I guess its mostly a `rib` list than a `bbq` list b/c some of the stops are places that do a full menu that claim to have decent ribs or have been noted on their ribs.I have 3 routes planned,and will publish them shortly.The one `trail` for example would be on 1 trip

              a- The Amish bbq stand in Columbus Market

              b-Kingfisher BBQ Shamong

              c-Bobby D`s Pemberton.(This place is noted as `running out` of ribs,and I have spoken to the owner and has told me if he knows we are coming, he advised, he will put aside a few racks, and the 1st one is `on him)`.

              My figuring is that we all have things to do in life,so some will want to depart after 3 rib runs, however, for teh more adventurous that same route can include an evening portion to proceed to a few hole in the wall places 20-30mins further.

              I have established 14 trails in which I would like to do rib runs/bbq crals time to time,and would love to meet a crowd with similar tastes.

              1. re: rapidnj

                Having been on the Central Jersey BBQ Crawl, I have a suggestion concerning the visit to Bobby D`s... Depending on how many folks end up attending your event, "several racks" of ribs may literally biting off more than you can chew, especially if you had already visited a couple other places. Granted we were tasting other dishes such as wings and brisket, but we found that 2 or 3 ribs per person were about right for the 4 of us. Even so, by the 3rd establishment we were feeling pretty full and even had to box some leftovers to take home. Just figured you might want to consider this before being confronted with a whole rack of ribs "on the house." Of course this also depends on whether you might also be tasting sides like cornbread or baked beans. If you are eating only ribs this may not be an issue...

                1. re: equal_Mark

                  Good point. Can't get too carried away with each place - just enough of a taste to enjoy, but not so much that we're puking by the 3rd location. ;)

                  I appreciate your ambition, though.

          2. Dont know that I can make it but I've got a roadside stop that we make every trip to 'the shore'
            On Route 322 across from the Wawa in Logan Township, they're the Jersey Q guys and they have some of the best ribs and chicken ever... love thier collard greens too!
            They had a store on 322 just after the Cmd Barry Bridge, but I believe it's closed now