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May 2, 2011 04:49 PM

What the XXXX....'Big Mouth Kee' - Richmond Hill's top-Ranked Chinese Eatery!!!! [moved from Ontario]

With dozens of fine Chinese restaurants in the Richmond Hill area, I am having difficulty in grasping the logic behind Joanne Kate's latest selection of Big Mouth Kee as Richmond Hill's highest ranked Chinese restaurant!! Having eaten there a few times in the past, IMHO, the food of BMK WASN'T REALLY THAT GOOD!!

Compound with this mystery, she also placed the absolutely mediocre Chinese owned Japanese ramen noodle chain 'Ajisen Ramen' into her 100 best Toronto restaurant list! Meanwhile an excellent Indian restaurant like Copper Chimney was totally ignored!

Lastly, none of our Chowhounders' favourite Chinese restaurants such as O'Mei, Maple Yip, Yang's, Emperor, Brilliant, John's B-B-Q, Judy's Cuisine, Casa Victoria....etc made it into her top Chinese restaurant list!!??!!

Not to be rude, but I really think that her taste buds and palette must have gone down hill with age!! May be its about time for her to hang up her hat?! May be she should stop reviewing cuisines that is not her forte or may be she should simply stop reviewing and putting out restaurant rankings!!! Why??!! Chinese food aside, she rated Lee #19 in her list and one of TO's best, Canoe only #79???!!! Go figure!!

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  1. Yes, Big Mouth Kee is indeed not good at all now. I have also written a bad review on it not too long ago.

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          1. Big Mouth Kee is where all the clubbers went at 2 am when they are half drunk!! May be JK rated BMK after she went clubbing! Ha!